Get the Look: Kristen Stewart

We've had our eye on Kristen Stewart since Twilight fever arrived!! With her shaggy haircut and love of wearing black clothing, her style can be described as equal parts cool, casual and a little bit goth for a Joan Jett inspired look! Back to Article

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Rissa_Rocks wrote:
2010-05-27 02:24:12 -0700


partygal77 wrote:
2010-05-27 01:39:25 -0700

Moesha21 and foxytrot1 you should shut up !!!!!
Thanx for the advise. My sis is luvs Kristen Stewart!!!

Moesha21 wrote:
2010-05-27 00:56:36 -0700

shes really ugly

Moesha21 wrote:
2010-05-27 00:50:11 -0700

love the clothes-NOT

foxytrot1 wrote:
2010-05-25 09:52:03 -0700

kristen stuart looks good in those dresses but i think she can make herself look preetier

mateymarcus wrote:
2010-05-24 03:22:30 -0700

TWLIGHT and NEW MOON is amazzzing!!

eastgate wrote:
2010-05-21 14:18:11 -0700

ur cute baby i like u u might be a lil old

ambezzy wrote:
2010-05-21 07:26:05 -0700

i love the twilight saga!

sweetsummersgirl2 wrote:
2010-05-21 06:11:55 -0700

i like kristen stewart she plays in twilight it is cool i wish she can talk to me

BrittneyAlvin68 wrote:
2010-05-19 22:02:16 -0700

i love the dresses on her and the hoodies and glasses and everything else

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Hi Jaera!      sisihastwobunnies is right. It's perfectly fine for you to have a crush, but you're a little young for a "love life." Don't worry though! Someday, if it's meant to be (Ha ^-^) you'll find the one who's just right for you. Until then, it's great to have good guy friends -and in years to come if one of those friendships develop into something more, then props to you (:  Future advice: You have to understand that feelings aren't always mutual. You may like someone and they'll see you only as a friend -or vice versa.  THIS IS OKAY.  It may hurt, but that's just proof that you'll have to move on. Something better is ahead,  you simply haven't gotten there yet (: Having patience can be hard, but it's worth it. Good luck! -And I hoped this helped!                                    Wishing you the best,                                             american_brit ^-^
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