Dear Dish-It: How Do I Ask If He Likes Me?

desprite 4 a boy asks: "i really like this boy but i dont know if the likes me . but i am a frade to ask cause i always get turned down or thay say im ano good anoff ro preety anofe or i dont have what they want need ur help" Back to Article

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iluvu_mb wrote:
2011-10-16 07:37:25 -0700

you should ask him out but if you don't have the courage,get a friend to ask for you

PrincessCamisha972 wrote:
2011-09-11 09:59:53 -0700

Ask your Best best best friend to ask him when you aint around smile

raelynn656 wrote:
2011-07-13 18:23:30 -0700

thts weird

savanah205 wrote:
2011-07-13 18:21:47 -0700

ask a friend to ask him 4 me

sam8224 wrote:
2011-07-13 18:18:26 -0700

Just ask him. Couple Love isn't real anyway. Youve got nothing to lose.

ilovemyLola wrote:
2011-07-13 18:15:26 -0700

im WAY 2 shy 2 ask him he might say no.

Sleepyhead wrote:
2011-07-04 19:11:30 -0700

I just finally did it!! turned out he's been waiting for me to ask him for a year!!

kitkat 34
kitkat 34 wrote:
2011-06-22 22:58:09 -0700

he said no i am sad Sad

xo.keke.xo_1776678 wrote:
2011-05-29 03:53:50 -0700

Same here!!! I don't know what to do, I get shy and my stomach turns and it's hard! LoL

anime_lover wrote:
2011-04-12 14:16:46 -0700

i am having the same problem but i have to face my fear and ask him out ..thisll be fun

eeveelicious123 wrote:
2011-02-28 06:33:03 -0800

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I can relate. I didn't have a boyfriend but in 2nd grade a boy thought he was my bf. i really dont like him. but it was funny. i got to dump him. but he still passes me occasional love notes. his name is sam.

Leia120 wrote:
2011-01-23 08:41:45 -0800

this seems cool, but i have a bf

amanda1483 wrote:
2010-11-15 05:34:18 -0800

ask a friend of his or sister or brother if he likes u and if they dont know tell them to ask him

seastar91 wrote:
2010-11-15 05:33:34 -0800

ask a friend or a sister to find out if he likes u tell her to ask who he likes and if its u ask him

Kidti wrote:
2010-11-14 02:37:35 -0800

This is some great advice and I think I should maybe take it.

million dollers
million dollers wrote:
2010-09-16 04:54:35 -0700

ask one of your friends to ask 4 u

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How Do You Know You're Crushing?

  • I daydream about the person 24/7.
  • I feel like I'm gonna puke.
  • I blush big-time!
  • All of the above - and so much more.

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Dear Dish-It in the forums

lawliet16 posted in Friends:
Maybe your overrating her personality while underrating yourself. Girls extremely like confident men so start working on your self esteem first because it stimulates interest to get to know you more especially on the romantic context and don`t forget to just be yourself so that you will know if she accept you to who you are and don`t let the "ideal boy" standard of the society bring you down. Remember that real happiness can be achieve when you are true to yourself so don`t mind what other people think of you and stop comparing yourself to the boys around her. Embrace your imperfections and wash away your insecurities and maybe she`ll like you back ;)
reply about 2 hours
Considering your age, it is normal that your parents might not accept it in case he likes you and the feeling is mutual and you must understand them. This is time when you need to focus in your studies and prepare for your future career and not for your future husband. You are still very young and trust me, you are still emotionally unprepared for this one heck of a roller coaster ride of emotions. Know the difference between loving that person and loving the feeling that you are in love. ;)
reply about 2 hours
peace16 posted in Friends:
Well I am happy that you off of them. 
reply about 3 hours
UnknownPoster posted in Friends:
"peace16" wrote:Oh man, I feel bad for you. I will sugguest rest it.. and when the 6 weeks of up. you can do whatever you want too do. Thanks. I am already back in school, I no longer have crutches thankfully. Also, i'd like to point out that they don't have social media, or at least, i'm not aware of it and I am out of school for two weeks for Christmas. Crushes are annoying lol. I have never been in a relationship either which makes things so much worst. 
reply about 3 hours
peace16 posted in Friends:
Oh man, I feel bad for you. I will sugguest rest it.. and when the 6 weeks of up. you can do whatever you want too do. Thanks.
reply about 4 hours