Dear Dish-It: How Do I Approach Him?

Zero asks: "Last year I got a love note from some one. I know who it is. I don't know how to aproach him though. I know he still likes me. But again I dont know how to aproach him." Back to Article

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linkofhyrule wrote:
2014-08-09 07:58:12 -0700

I never have got a love note, neither have I written one. it would be akward but, this is my only question: whats it like?

pricetag wrote:
2014-07-12 06:48:02 -0700

forever alone ;-;

Sinni wrote:
2014-07-11 16:51:28 -0700

Aww cools

JesseWesse wrote:
2014-07-11 16:49:25 -0700

I never get notes if get so nervous when I see a cute girl but idk wat they will say I wait for them to approach me

ellzbllz wrote:
2014-03-04 12:08:14 -0800

oh my god ask your crush out ?!?!? youd have too be extremely bad,anyway most of the guys i used too liked ,liked the worst people in my class im only brave enough in dares(it depends!)well i asked august out on kw and at school a few years ago i sang marry you (bruno mars) to this guy in front of every one(im a good singer!) and he has never talked too be since so i moved on from him but my bff likes him and she is really shy so she is always like come up with me i want too say hi and aggh

Surfs_Up_Girl wrote:
2014-01-28 10:28:37 -0800

I get tooo scared to ask my crush out. It's pretty hard to control myself at that moment. It's just like freaking out.

stayawaystalker wrote:
2013-09-20 22:27:03 -0700

I can't ask a guy out even on the freaking internet I am such a wussy

BuzzJuzz wrote:
2013-09-20 22:08:22 -0700

take a huge breath n go on...

snuggiemalone wrote:
2013-07-26 06:08:33 -0700

girls just need to go ahead and do it even if ur scared i did and it worked we can do anything a guy can do smile

Rawrr_its_mee_2527021 wrote:
2013-07-25 13:57:43 -0700

Man up ladies we need to have these guys in the palms of our hands Big Grin

loveablej19 wrote:
2013-04-07 00:15:16 -0700

easy going

Swaggar girl389
Swaggar girl389 wrote:
2012-08-02 19:54:44 -0700

Well, yall itz this guy I like with all my heart but I dont kno how to ask him out.................. I NEED HELP ASAP

Skylar Loves You
Skylar Loves You wrote:
2012-07-26 07:41:51 -0700

Just be cool when ur around him and he will like u for who u are

Caity8 wrote:
2012-06-17 22:52:40 -0700

Kiss your hand 10x

Say your crushes name 15x

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And your crush will ask u out tomorrow

Mrz.R3jectz wrote:
2012-04-22 19:40:41 -0700


ridergirl13 wrote:
2012-03-21 13:59:03 -0700

I heard a rumor that a guy liked me and, yes, it was true. I'm dating him now. At least I think.

AritisticGirl wrote:
2011-09-03 13:36:28 -0700

oh ok cool thanks i thought he did but yeah

-kaylie wrote:
2011-09-03 12:22:25 -0700

ya he likes u i got a guy staring at me and now im going out with him

AritisticGirl wrote:
2011-09-03 12:00:54 -0700

i catch this staring at me sometimes at school does that mean he likes me

candytijah wrote:
2011-09-03 11:42:30 -0700

then dont if its meant 2 be he will come 2 u

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Should You Make A Move On Your Crush?

  • YES: If you don't it may not ever happen!
  • No: If it's meant to be you won't have to do anything to make it happen
  • Maybe: It depends on how sure you are your crush likes you back
  • Dunno: I've never had a crush on anyone before

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