Dear Dish-It: I Hate My School Uniform

DramaQueen asks: "My school has a really strict school uniform, and it’s almost impossible to LOOK like an individual, no matter what you are. I want to look different, but it’s proving really hard." Back to Article

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kaori6 wrote:
2011-03-12 04:44:30 -0800

try wearing a light blue shirt with kahki pants and a black or brown belt with black shoes or brown

iimichelle wrote:
2011-03-11 09:37:59 -0800

P.S I read stargirl It was such a Epic/Awesome/Different book I finish last month :'D

mankind_1411311 wrote:
2011-03-11 09:37:31 -0800

hahahahahah !!!!!!!!!!!!!! YALl got to wear uniforms lol

iimichelle wrote:
2011-03-11 09:30:32 -0800

Hehe my skool dont wear uniform cloths all day with my crush next to me ^^

BigAshley™ wrote:
2011-03-11 09:12:36 -0800

wow!!! form read all these comment most of people hate wear uniform well i'm say i do hate it and why wear them it's better wear our clothes

mrs mindless
mrs mindless wrote:
2011-03-11 09:03:37 -0800

They make us wear black n gray n black shoes n if the boys don't got belts they got 2 wear ropes n then got 2 sit wit this officer 4 the whole lunch time like(WOW)

m.g.l.a wrote:
2011-03-11 08:52:51 -0800

my school calls ur parents if u dont have uniform or a belt on nd they put tape on the hallway to walk on the right side snd they have cages like prison wierd

-starheart♥ wrote:
2011-03-11 08:46:13 -0800

Our school is also strict in wearing uniform but we have to bare with it.
its really ugh.

-Royce wrote:
2011-03-11 08:40:14 -0800

I had one in middle schoo. Black dress pants, black blazer, gold, blue, and black striped tie, and black buckled dress shoes. Eh.

Animepod wrote:
2011-03-11 08:32:21 -0800


Pein-sama wrote:
2011-03-11 08:26:32 -0800

as long as the girls can wear jeans, i'm perfectly fine. skirts+me=does not compute

Ashleigh Is Friggen Awesome_1664700
Ashleigh Is Friggen Awesome_1664700 wrote:
2011-03-11 08:25:26 -0800


webkinzrule24 wrote:
2011-03-11 08:24:31 -0800

I don't like them. But I don't hate them, its just wearing the same thing everyday is SO UNFASHIONABLE!!

waterkitty103 wrote:
2011-03-11 08:23:17 -0800

i LOVE school uniforms....but idk why.....

Paigeяoo_1681404 wrote:
2011-03-11 08:21:46 -0800

Im home schooled from now on , I tried regular school... Didnt work out

kira-the-demon wrote:
2011-03-11 08:21:30 -0800

i hate wearing uniforms i want to look the way i want to!

webkinzrule24 wrote:
2011-03-11 08:19:20 -0800

Lol. Kendra: *tries to stop laughing, so she can talk*

MeganLovesU wrote:
2011-03-11 08:18:03 -0800

uh uhh Ashleigh got a crush imao jk

HearTheSoundOfMyTeardrops wrote:
2011-03-11 08:15:33 -0800

Derek will do as he dang well pleases xD
i found that out a few nights ago :3

TheEvilKendra wrote:
2011-03-11 08:14:57 -0800

OH, OH, HO!!!!!!! I KNOW!!!!!!!!
I wanna wear a uniform!!!

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Do You Wear a School Uniform?

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  • Yeah, but at least I don't worry about what to wear.
  • No, but I want to cuz they're cute!
  • No, and I'm glad I don't!

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