Dear Dish-It: I'm Desperate For A Lip Piercing

Peace & Tammy09 ask: "I'm MEGA desperate for a lip piercing! I've tried begging and begging my mom and dad for it but they say that I should wait till I'm 18. Should I just be patient or shall I keep trying to persuade them?" Back to Article

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IamIVY wrote:
2012-01-08 13:39:42 -0800

i dont have anything pierced but im gonna get alot of ear piercings espically the ones on top of your ear

funchaser wrote:
2012-01-08 13:39:30 -0800

i want my lip periced and the rest of my ears and my tounge lol

isposeimawesome wrote:
2012-01-08 13:37:53 -0800

HONESTLY I have my lip pierced and im getting 7 more lip piercings 4 on top 3 more on bottm

Swag19 wrote:
2012-01-08 13:36:57 -0800

I have my toungee periced (:

zack is awesome_1837361
zack is awesome_1837361 wrote:
2012-01-08 13:35:11 -0800

Lol i love you guys: i remember when you did that mom said she would do it but you didn't trust her with needles and stuff near you so just did it your self the gaging she couldn't get mine in but you just shoved it in yours lol wow good times

i love you guys
i love you guys wrote:
2012-01-08 13:30:57 -0800

I already have one i did it myself

-Amazinq.Ashlee.x3.- wrote:
2012-01-07 19:46:02 -0800

i want this when i turn like 20 or something

KatyPerryIsMyIdol wrote:
2011-12-02 16:46:04 -0800

really girl that would get your popularity level down 6,000,000% no offense but lip piercings arent that in right now so maybe just stick with ear piercings or hair-dos or cell phones smile

Jay-Dimez wrote:
2011-08-21 16:56:14 -0700

thats cute

_Aero_ wrote:
2011-08-20 10:50:10 -0700

I really really really reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallly want snake bites Frown

lisa_morgan wrote:
2011-08-16 17:05:12 -0700

i dont wont one thats nastii and it looks like it hurts ALOT

Pretty-Little-Chick wrote:
2011-08-16 07:46:37 -0700

Try the fake ones first maybe they'll give in.

Rose.Is.Me_1875060 wrote:
2011-08-15 17:33:18 -0700

Because. Its Just Kool, So Yeahh.

Im Getting Snake Bites,Angel Bites,My Nose,&& My Bellybutton xD

Yuki15_1859091 wrote:
2011-08-15 17:26:52 -0700

Why would u want 2 get your lip pierced or anywhere else other then your ear? When u get older you'll just have to take it out. There's really no point.
But . . . I do want to get my nose pierced.

sophia1o1532 wrote:
2011-08-14 20:02:10 -0700

you should keep asking and if they say no just somthing and you`ll stop if they let u get ur ears peirct! Big Grin

xxxhellokitty123xxx wrote:
2011-08-14 19:58:24 -0700

i am getting one for my 15 b-day

boeboe009 wrote:
2011-08-14 17:49:26 -0700

I Dntt Like 2 Many Piercing.... Lol

bruce24 wrote:
2011-08-14 16:04:13 -0700

look cool

lil-lil-nikki wrote:
2011-08-14 16:02:32 -0700

i got to piercings on my ears but they hurt

_Arianna_10 wrote:
2011-08-14 14:09:29 -0700

I want a belly piercing and lip but mii cookin teacher said if i get a toungue peircin she said mii tongue could get infected Big Grin

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