Dear Dish-It: Help Me Write A Poem

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american_brit wrote:
2014-07-18 16:40:07 -0700

I like poetry -shrug- Of course, not all poems... but, aye! I've read some good ones, written some decent ones, and having an amazing poet as a friend.

gufht wrote:
2014-07-18 11:29:45 -0700


Can't.Stand.Katie wrote:
2012-01-02 09:58:33 -0800

I've always hated poetry......

johnsbabe wrote:
2011-01-21 11:12:59 -0800

Cammy Girl:

This Is From the Top Of my Head...

Key To ur Heart

Some One Has The Key To ur one knows if he or she is black or white ut some has the key to ur heart some one in this world

jjsay15 wrote:
2010-12-27 01:04:54 -0800

you could thank of your favorite thing and write a poem about it

chair25 wrote:
2010-03-30 08:23:19 -0700

yeah thanx dish it i think everybody should thank her

shaniel wrote:
2010-03-17 03:21:15 -0700

hi dear dish i think that is nice for u to help us kidz on kidzworld with stuff were are strugling whit thank u so much it is very nice

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Poems - Sweet or Sappy?

  • Sweet - I love poems!
  • Sappy - I'd rather date my mom than write a poem!
  • I've read a few good poems, but some are too cheesy.
  • I've never read a poem...

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Dear Dish-It in the forums

GaaraOfTheSand posted in Friends:
I Feel like I should paste this here  Always remember this: Someone out there loves you. May be here online or on the other side of the world but they would care that you died. Now please put down that knife/blade or rope or gun or anything and think "do you want things to get better" or "do you want the chance of things getting better to be eliminated. Now let your scars fade and remember these words "I care"
reply about 1 hour
scarlet177 posted in Friends:
According 2 me..... a perfect friend should be..... kind towards all, loving, funny, helping, and some times silly ( a friend shounldn't be ALWAYS serious!) friendly ( of course ), and..................... AWESOME!!!! :D !! I do have friend with all these qualities..... her name is ******  and she has ALL these qualities!!!!!!!! so she is AWESOME, COOL AND A PERFECT FRIEND!! :D :)
reply about 14 hours
scarlet177 posted in Friends:
My BFF is awesome!!!!!!! I know that cuz, she is the only person whon can understand my feelings when my enemies or some other friends tease me badly or when those ppl be rude to me....... :(  . I can share all my secrets to her........ she is Awesome cuz, she is being herself . Her name is ****** ....... and she is my WORLD'S BEST FRIEND!!!!! :D
reply about 14 hours
Alexis7343 posted in Friends:
I think its really great you posted this, cause a lot of people need it. Adults don't notice children problems. When I was in 2ed grade i was bullied by teens that were like 16. Not only that, teachers can bully kids too. My mom always puts people who try to kill them selves down in awful ways. Every time she says that stuff I am very offended by it cause she knows I have emotional problems but she still like to dig into it. Someone who feels they need to kill themselves needs someone to trust and talk to. I'm so happy you posted this. Cause it is so true!
reply about 24 hours
GaaraOfTheSand posted in Friends:
I GONNA go draw
reply about 24 hours