The Different Types of Paint

There are three main types of paints: Watercolor, Acrylics, and Oils. These paints all have different methods and have different techniques for you to master. Back to Article

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poopydu wrote:
2011-06-23 23:44:41 -0700


selenagomez6123 wrote:
2011-06-17 20:49:07 -0700

luv it! painting is so fun!

jonnyc wrote:
2011-06-08 13:13:22 -0700


jonnyc wrote:
2011-06-08 13:13:03 -0700

theyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkk

Hello Kitty Rules
Hello Kitty Rules wrote:
2011-05-09 04:52:16 -0700

i luv art this is good for beginners to smile plus it helps for new ideas

percyjackson512 wrote:
2011-05-02 06:37:03 -0700

I love to draw! I'm trying to become better at painting so this helps! Thanks! smile

rorocks wrote:
2011-05-01 01:05:40 -0700

all of these r so cool

random ninja xD
random ninja xD wrote:
2011-04-23 09:05:20 -0700

I Liked The Acrylic Painting, It Looked Like It Was A Real Dog!

thenobodies_1662895 wrote:
2011-03-26 13:54:56 -0700

those pianting r really awesome i respect the people who can do dat but i cant im a sketch artist myself Wink

junior mod
-Damaged wrote:
2011-03-26 13:19:48 -0700

I have a HUGE suitcase with acrylics and watercolors. I use the acrylics when I make plushies.

Gobbles100 wrote:
2011-03-26 13:19:33 -0700

I tried to paint but I can only do Acrylic Abstract painting. DRAWING IS EASIER FOR ME!!!

Comicbook Girl
Comicbook Girl wrote:
2011-03-26 13:17:28 -0700

I only draw. I think it would be cool if I leraned how to ink and use water colors too. :3

swidishfish2233 wrote:
2010-12-06 07:23:01 -0800

Hi I love art to!

Jgirl wrote:
2010-11-06 01:45:53 -0700

I think this is definatly a cool article but is probbably because i love painting so i enjoyed the article.

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Who's the Greatest Painter? Vote!

  • Vincent van Gogh gets my vote.
  • Pablo Picasso is my fave painter.
  • Claude Monet's paintings are the best.
  • My artwork rivals all the famous painters.

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Michael Moscovitz  Frm The Princess Dairies. He is so so so so loving to Mia. I wish I had a real Michael for myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After all I am Amelia :D  
reply about 1 hour
I suggest Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot. It is not VERY fat but medium. can be read my 12/13 and above (for teens). I think you will like it since at this age we usually have a thing for novels which are actually Diaries. I think you will like it. there are 18 parts of princess Diaries 
reply about 1 hour
I am 12 and I can suggest some I have/am reading, appropriate for 11/12. NOVELS: CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY (by Roald Dahl)- it is for 8  and above and really good for anyone to read THE SECRET GARDEN (by Frances Hodgson Burnett)- It Is really for 9 and above. I am sure u will enjoy it.  HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME (by Victor Hugo)-You may not like it at first but slowly you will just LOVE it! -FOR A LITTLE OLDER AGE (13 onwards) Princess Diaries (by Meg Cabot, 18 parts)- It is a good book. deals with the autobiography/Diaries/Journals of a teen princess. Well I mostly read Novels so I know which standard they usually are and the age for which it is meant. I red short stories too but I cannot understand what age they are for. So I can only tell you about Novels.  ENJOY! :):]:-)  
reply about 2 hours
I like Meg Cabot, Enid Blyton, Shukumar Rai, Rabindranath Tagore, Roald Dahl.
reply about 2 hours
I am reading all the series of Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot. I do not have all of them but I am buying them 2/3 at a time. I finished 3 parts of it, 15 more to go....
reply about 2 hours