Monster Hunter Tri: Wii Game Review

Monster Hunter Tri is part of such a cool series we couldn't resist reviewing it! But, it is definitely not a game for kids of all ages. If you’re not at least 13 years old, then you should probably wait until you are to play this game. Back to Article

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mgeamanx wrote:
2010-04-21 03:55:06 -0700

I don't care what they say about the game. Monster Hunter Tri is a good game and they know it XD (Did they even play the game? Do they even know how epic the Online mode is??)

felidaeus wrote:
2010-04-20 08:34:47 -0700

Hey, good try on the review. Ignore the comments here, as they obviously haven't bothered to see what this site is.

They do have some points though. You really should *play* a game to at least the mid game before reviewing it. Anything else is dishonest

Polimar wrote:
2010-04-17 02:56:22 -0700

You barely played the game, you haven't done online, you haven't even used all the weapons. I can't forget the the game is called Monster Hunter of course you're gonna fight monsters, you have to hunt them

lil boy blue
lil boy blue wrote:
2010-04-03 13:33:43 -0700

your review is anus and you need to be fired did you even play the game for over 5 minutes

derp wrote:
2010-04-01 15:56:51 -0700

This review is rife with misinformation. You know nothing.

DigBick wrote:
2010-04-01 15:42:55 -0700

I have been following the stories and comments surrounding Monster Hunter, and frankly, I'm appalled. Whatever happened to Monster Hunter's sense of humanity? As this letter will make clear, Monster Hunter's stories about colonialism are particularly ridd

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