Beyonce Knowles Biography

She's a singer, actress, dancer and fashion designer. Is there nothing she can't do?! We've got the scoop on Beyonce Knowles. Back to Article

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PAiDTORi wrote:
2011-11-26 13:16:37 -0800

i love her snq love on top..!

ms.rocroyal334 wrote:
2011-11-26 09:35:21 -0800

i love beyonce and i hope to see her one day and i want to be just like her she my model how to really to be a woman

penguinchic101 wrote:
2011-11-25 18:37:08 -0800

Beyonce iz mh role model 4 lyfe

Skool girl ♥
Skool girl ♥ wrote:
2011-09-29 17:19:08 -0700

That my role model!!

love.michae wrote:
2011-09-27 14:52:22 -0700

my fav song by her is 1+1 Love

zendaya12 wrote:
2011-09-27 14:34:17 -0700

Best Thing I Never Had

mstery1100 wrote:
2011-09-19 12:21:18 -0700

shes pregnant wow

brianna cutie
brianna cutie wrote:
2011-09-14 10:27:37 -0700

this is awesome smile

luvgurl18 wrote:
2011-09-14 08:47:19 -0700

i love your songs

luvgurl18 wrote:
2011-09-14 08:46:01 -0700

even though u are pregnant i still love ur song run the world

Mizz_laila wrote:
2011-09-11 07:48:48 -0700

IM A big FAN OF HER!!!!

ocalais147 wrote:
2011-09-11 06:43:42 -0700

I still cant believe shes pregnant! I wonder what shes having.... smile

XxlilmzswaggerXx wrote:
2011-09-10 21:01:14 -0700

beyonce iz pregnant like i didnt know that but still i love her run the world

Dog Lover
Dog Lover wrote:
2011-09-06 16:54:41 -0700

OMG!!!! i am sooo happy 4 her shes pregnant... she iz very pretty

missy_alyssa wrote:
2011-09-05 19:12:04 -0700

shes very beautiful

Lilbarbie911_1837320 wrote:
2011-09-05 19:08:28 -0700

Beyoncè is pregnant

penguinchic101 wrote:
2011-09-05 19:04:54 -0700

beyonce iz so awesome

cece luv51
cece luv51 wrote:
2011-09-05 15:51:13 -0700

luv her!

Claire552_1853842 wrote:
2011-09-05 12:18:06 -0700

Beyoncé is amazing.

lozzabops123 wrote:
2011-09-05 03:55:25 -0700

i love beyonce ashe is pregggers

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Beyonce's First Big Role - Rate It!

  • She kicked serious butt as Foxxy Cleopatra.
  • She did an okay job, I guess.
  • I think she should stick to singing.
  • I have no clue cuz I haven't seen Austin Powers 3 yet.

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I like P.P.L It's so freagin awesome!!!
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MissJonkinz11 posted in Celebs:
Shaun Diviney from Short Stack  :love
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Duma posted in Celebs:
Zac Efron :D
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