Fox's Fall Preview

Finally, no more reruns! New episodes are on the way. Fox's line-up is jam-packed with celebrity guest stars. Check out who's droppin' in on your fave shows and what new shows to look out for. Back to Article

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  • I can't wait to see Jessica Simpson on That '70s Show!
  • Lenny Kravitz and other musicians on The Simpsons will be way-cool.
  • I'm dying to see Fastlane cuz it looks wicked.
  • Joey McIntyre on Boston Public should shake it up.

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sugarpetals posted in TV Shows:
Tom n Jerry!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
reply 10 minutes
sarah4life posted in Celebs:
zany definatly....he it tottaly mine...
reply about 2 hours
sugarpetals posted in Movies:
control stuff with mind and invisibility 
reply about 4 hours
sugarpetals posted in Movies:
indian actor- Tiger Shroff and Ranbir Kapoor             actress-Katrina Kaif  english actor- Robert Pattinson and Zac Efron           actress- Emma Watson 
reply about 15 hours
carman101 posted in Movies:
Well since I haven't seen Magnificent(yet)I have to go with frozen it's my favorite movie right now!
reply about 19 hours