World Cup 2010: USA Robbed!

If you’re an American, the World Cup in South Africa might leave you a little bitter today. The Americans were robbed by a disallowed goal called by the referee in a crucial match against Slovenia, the group leader. Back to Article

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lepuck wrote:
2010-06-21 02:17:48 -0700

USA = Win... Referee = Fail

djfunny wrote:
2010-06-20 10:49:36 -0700

i am pissed of that the u.s didn't win that game and because the refdidn't count the goal that number 19 scored it was clearly a goal and that was not offside the ball was allmost a foot the u.s should of won the game and the score sould have been

Snowable wrote:
2010-06-19 09:07:53 -0700

usa should of won shoot i dont know wat de talking bout it should be 2-3 dummes South America:2 points Usa:3 points da you stupid people

2k9karl wrote:
2010-06-19 07:22:38 -0700

ostop ur whinin us have another chance ireland didnt get another chance and us didnt put a post 4 us so shut up

comideanmaster wrote:
2010-06-18 14:08:23 -0700


DiDi8CoLoR wrote:
2010-06-18 11:06:24 -0700

I was really pissed! But, The roots of our soccer tribe lie deep in our primeval past...

ufail wrote:
2010-06-18 08:38:04 -0700

i didn't see wat happend but it must of been a pretty bad a decision.

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