Mastering Magic: How to Hocus Pocus

Ever dream of making people disappear, floating through the air and reading your friends' minds? Magicians fascinate us using the art of illusion. If you want to really master the art of magic here are some of the best ways to learn. Back to Article

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charlotte groom
charlotte groom wrote:
2011-04-24 19:04:27 -0700

i use black magic and charms

bmxkid wrote:
2011-04-11 09:31:13 -0700

um um whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

btull wrote:
2011-04-05 03:49:46 -0700

Will u be my friend?

hibob wrote:
2011-04-04 07:48:30 -0700

yea your right

hibob wrote:
2011-04-04 07:46:44 -0700

i have chris angel magic kit Cool Big Grin Big Grin

Dianagirl101 wrote:
2011-03-31 05:54:30 -0700

i went to that show

Dianagirl101 wrote:
2011-03-31 05:53:43 -0700

ya when you know that it is not fake magic can be fake you know

SWT3794 wrote:
2011-03-24 09:32:07 -0700

There was actually a show that showed magic tricks, then showing the viewers how it's possible. I can't remember the name, though. Shoot. Frustrated It's a good show.

violet741 wrote:
2011-03-23 12:22:06 -0700

magic tricks are coooooooooooooool Love

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Which Magic Set is Fake? Vote!

  • The Ice Age cards are totally bogus.
  • It's the Apocalypse cards that don't exist.
  • The Thunderstorm cards aren't real.
  • The Mirage cards are the ones that just faded away.

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reply about 2 hours
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It's difficult to say because I love TFiOS, I think its a great book and film, but the Divergent series and film also looks good but I've never read/seen them, so I can't really make a refined judgement.
reply about 3 hours
They are right about that (:
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