Dear Dish-it: Help Me Get Over My Shyness

shy-as-a-deer asks: "I am a really shy girl. Whenever I have to present a presentation to the class, I always a bad job at it. AND, I don't really have the courage to talk to make friends. Can you help me get out of my shyness?" Back to Article

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pretty2712 wrote:
2012-07-26 19:55:07 -0700

i was never shy i am a outgonna girl

Ca$hingOutBoyz wrote:
2012-07-26 19:53:57 -0700

I dnt like girls who shy as fk cuz if u wanna ask 2 go out just ask

ariel101 wrote:
2012-07-26 19:52:31 -0700

i use to be shy but my mom put meh in modeling and dance

Aserel wrote:
2012-07-15 06:45:46 -0700

My Best Friend helped me get out of my shell.I love to present stuff in the class though, it was speaking that got to me.In kindergarten someone came up to me and talked finally.We became quick friends, and she helped me open up some more.It is okay to be a little shy, I am even though I try to be a little more open to people every day, it's actually a good thing.

best swagger
best swagger wrote:
2012-06-18 15:54:11 -0700

wow that good but crazy

mimirocker wrote:
2012-06-17 17:46:51 -0700

wow screaming at cars is the cure try it

genebee66 wrote:
2012-06-17 17:45:29 -0700

i use th be shy when i was young but now i feel comfortable around ppl

magbud wrote:
2012-06-14 10:52:35 -0700

ur just like me!! lol!

taylor25xx wrote:
2012-06-05 17:16:57 -0700

I am shy but when you get to know me i dont shut up.. aahaah

Txtgrl wrote:
2012-04-23 08:43:41 -0700

I am sooo shy!!!! But when i move my goal to make new friends on the first day is to just walk up to someone that seems really nice and just start a conversation with them and get to know them and even maybe ask if they wanna meet up somewhere to just hang out. There is gonna be a new me when i move Wink lol that is my personal goal Big Grin I hope i can do it though. Ppl make it seem so easy but to me its as hard as jumping off a roof of a house. TO ME!!! lol

funky fresh boy
funky fresh boy wrote:
2012-04-23 08:34:46 -0700

Im not a shy person im quite loud in class and im still smart

boox wrote:
2012-04-23 07:32:32 -0700

I'm well LOUD @ home! x

boox wrote:
2012-04-23 07:32:06 -0700

this aint helpful......... I'm quiet at skwl (school)
and this dunt help. extra info:
im LOUD as hell at home !!! (: x

funky fresh boy
funky fresh boy wrote:
2012-04-23 06:33:42 -0700

Im not shy at all

celita10 wrote:
2012-04-23 05:32:55 -0700

I'm never shyy
I'm soo happy lol and hyper Big Grin

Azn_gurl02 wrote:
2012-04-20 16:43:23 -0700

I'm very shy but not on Internet I'm shy wen ask something

BellePrincessxoxoHoran_2101630 wrote:
2012-04-20 01:13:51 -0700

I have the same problem too! and i really cant get over it until i trust the person which im with! i just cant get the real me out.
dont be shy! Think that u are a young charming lady with a great personality and be strong! if someone dont wanna be friends with u they loose!

fuzaybear11 wrote:
2012-03-05 21:01:49 -0800

I'm in muly shell right now,thnx for the advice!

kidthesick wrote:
2011-11-02 20:16:03 -0700

I give Presentations and I laugh and the class is liike 0_0 (What the Hell did she eat today?) xD

Airbell11 wrote:
2011-09-24 09:25:32 -0700

when i present my face feels hot nervous but i move on and project my voice

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