Dear Dish-it: We're Falling Apart

fallin apart asks: "I've been with my BFF since Pre-K. Now we're going into 5th grade and I'm losing her and I don't know what to do. We don't go over to each other's houses a lot. I wanna stay friends with her forever. I need help!" Back to Article

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brilliantstudent wrote:
2014-04-13 23:44:10 -0700

I myself have been in the situation
Its the worst situation ever experienced!

blossomrocks wrote:
2014-03-06 14:18:14 -0800

i know how it feels i feel like me and by bff are drifting apart too we were freinds since 3rd grade now we're in 6th and i only talk to her on kw because i moved at the end of last summer

AYOO STAR wrote:
2014-01-07 18:54:57 -0800

I know how it feels my bff kaitln stopped talking to me cause her boyfriend was hitting on me and u punched him in the face and he told her that I kissed him and she believed him so now I'm all alone she was my only friend.

Belle-is-me wrote:
2014-01-07 18:48:07 -0800

Me to my BFF Angie turn into a little b, and she got mad at me for no reason and stopped being my friend!

-SlowlyFadeAway- wrote:
2013-04-07 10:45:26 -0700

i know how you feel. it hurts. stay strong.

izzy09 wrote:
2013-03-18 22:43:36 -0700

Me and my bff knew each other since we were like five or six? Yeah Big Grin Were elleven now :P Big Grin

izzy09 wrote:
2013-03-18 22:42:21 -0700

I hope this never ever happens to me and my bff! D: !

-CamrynT- wrote:
2013-03-18 19:09:45 -0700

My so called "bestfriend" , she doesn't talk to me anymore. :c

Justbeingme;o wrote:
2013-03-18 18:48:49 -0700

Uhmmm me and my best friends brandy, naomi, and naomi are close.....yea this is never gonna happen .

mya526_1663505 wrote:
2013-03-18 18:25:35 -0700

Umm I never experience any of my friends or bestfriends leaving me for somebody else but I guess you should tell your friend how you feel and if she doesn't care it's other fish in the sea

freakshow101 wrote:
2013-03-18 18:18:25 -0700

im 13 me and my bff been together since 2 years old beat that no offence to u tho Frustrated

_HotpinkBubbles_ wrote:
2013-03-18 16:58:47 -0700


_HotpinkBubbles_ wrote:
2013-03-18 16:58:25 -0700

Well Why ask me!I just came her to eat some
candy and LOTS OF ICE Cream
makeing sure no brain freeze

iwuvcandy909 wrote:
2013-03-18 16:19:55 -0700

^W^ im only here for the popcorn but this is good ^W^

21inkiepielover wrote:
2013-03-18 16:11:25 -0700

Frown we don't text each other a lot....(sobs)

When 2 worlds collide
When 2 worlds collide wrote:
2013-03-18 12:29:01 -0700


flirtaddict wrote:
2013-03-16 00:00:20 -0700

my best friend is my boyfriend and me and him are falling apart idk what else to do other than to break up with him i love him more then anything but my heart is broken i feel alone

brittnay12 wrote:
2012-10-16 14:15:29 -0700


all about carly
all about carly wrote:
2012-10-16 14:14:30 -0700

M.A.T.H = Mental. Abuse. To. Humans.

all about carly
all about carly wrote:
2012-10-16 14:07:24 -0700

i know britt like fa real

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Thank you : )
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Hi, I'm not really into fashion but I can tell you one thing. You can just dress normally, just the way you like! It doesn't matter whether you're a teenager or not. It's also really important to you feel comfortable in your clothes. Remember, your clothing won't define you! :D 
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Ok, so I have a Best Friend, I used to have 2, but one moved away and won't text me, and the other still "acts" like my best friend, but here is the problem. When I do stuff with other people, it offends her, when I don't reply to her text real quick, in her mind, im ignoring her. IT'S ALSO STARTING TO GET ANNOYING CAUSE SHE COPIES ME. She copied my halloween costume, i was gonna be a character off of american horror story. If i don't share my music with her, she says sharing is caring and she walks off.   Now I understand that this might be social and anxiety issues and she needs somebody to cling onto. But I'm just tired of trying. I need advice : (
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