Dear Dish-it: I Can't Focus in Class

princess 1 asks: "I need help staying focused in my classes. I have a low GPA and I want to pass 7th grade - I heard it's hard! I don't want to fail this grade because I haven't failed one yet - help!" Back to Article

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rainbowloomer13 wrote:
2014-04-21 11:57:23 -0700

this helps me. cuz I get distracted a lot in class Frustrated

dominique717 wrote:
2013-12-12 15:08:59 -0800

this is a very good site to tell what to do to fous in class because my friends always talking to me and sometimes I make bad grade because of them and I get in trouble and the teacher call my mom and dad and I get in trouble for something I didn't do because they talk in to me and get me in trouble

superpencil wrote:
2013-12-06 07:52:54 -0800

What good advise! Thank you for asking P1! ^o^ smile

JennyD wrote:
2013-10-31 20:53:44 -0700

I love sitting with friends and 7th grade!

brunostar wrote:
2013-10-31 18:50:38 -0700

i zone out a lot O_o and i get confused a lot xD

Macbarbie09 wrote:
2013-10-31 18:46:51 -0700

i get tired in class all the time!! In math, i got
tested on subtracting and i knew the answer right

Midapops wrote:
2013-10-31 18:29:34 -0700

Take notes.

IvyGlam wrote:
2013-08-23 08:21:39 -0700

here is a tip try not to get distracted unto recess or break time

Un-thinkableImaginary:3 wrote:
2013-08-19 23:37:11 -0700

Great tips!

kellidion wrote:
2013-08-10 01:10:54 -0700

It's very hard to pass the only way to pass is through challenges

Gr8fairy wrote:
2013-08-09 04:19:35 -0700

Well just grab yr note after the class and read or get someone to explain to u

sweetshay wrote:
2013-07-29 17:43:50 -0700

i away pass a grade

Superwholocked132 wrote:
2013-07-29 15:23:52 -0700

It's hard for me to focus in class too because I have ADD.

JennyD wrote:
2013-07-29 15:05:45 -0700

i'm smart enough not to flunk a grade

Termike wrote:
2013-04-21 10:00:20 -0700


youngwarrior wrote:
2013-04-21 09:42:28 -0700

you've got a point there

Bloom Carlton
Bloom Carlton wrote:
2013-04-21 08:57:06 -0700

This plan may work but usually classes r borin if the teacher is nt teachin the way she should teach

youngwarrior wrote:
2013-04-21 08:02:37 -0700

i think this plan may work

youngwarrior wrote:
2013-04-21 08:02:23 -0700

i think this plan may work

Swaggy'G wrote:
2013-04-15 08:21:42 -0700

i do all that but i still fall asleep in every class. especially maths LOL

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Do You Ever Fall Asleep in Class?

  • Every single day.
  • Only in the classes I really hate.
  • Once in awhile, if the class is super boring.
  • Never.

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