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Imagine getting paid to work with one of the world’s most gentle and intelligent creatures. Dolphin training can be a rewarding career. Check out this article to find out more! Back to Article

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patches wrote:
2011-07-20 18:06:38 -0700

I likeDolphins so I want to tarin One

boo-boo299 wrote:
2011-07-18 11:46:35 -0700

I love dolphins and I have always wanted to train them.

Help Me I'm Falling!
Help Me I'm Falling! wrote:
2011-06-17 15:33:21 -0700

in flordia, i got to swim with dolphins, the trainer had me and my friend kiss one of the dolphins! this would be the best job ever!

Jayfeather1999 wrote:
2011-06-13 13:27:27 -0700

i've always wanted to do this!

Baby260 wrote:
2011-06-04 23:12:04 -0700

I like dolphins very much....i wish i would dance with...dolphins......lovely.

i-like-skater-boys wrote:
2011-06-04 21:45:57 -0700


ella818 wrote:
2011-05-26 05:03:58 -0700

i so wanna work with dophins its been my dream job sense i was 5

AliceFellDownnn wrote:
2011-04-25 07:53:36 -0700

I would train a dolphin any day.

CountryGirl_101 wrote:
2010-08-16 03:41:51 -0700

i would love this career cuz i just had a acounter with wild dolpins on my vaction!!

geekedup247 wrote:
2010-07-22 04:28:03 -0700

Luv dis artical, 2 reasons cuz Dolphins r 1 of my fav animals and im thinkin bout bein a marine biologist

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What Is A Baby Dolphin Called?

  • A kid.
  • A baby dolphin, duh!
  • A calf.
  • A colt.

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Dear Dish-It
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Bloody Wings
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