Dear Dish-it: Breaking Up - Without Breaking His Heart

Dazed And Confused asks: "How do I break up with someone but not hurt them? The person I'm with is madly in love with me but I don't think that this online dating thing is working out. I think I may need to end it. What should I do?" Back to Article

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Abinabee wrote:
2014-02-22 07:55:10 -0800

I agree with AngelThumbelina, if u don't start one u dont have 2 end it.If I was u I wud jus tel him I wasnt redy 4 a relationship n dat it was my fault.

XxCryXx wrote:
2014-02-10 18:41:08 -0800

Im not trusting love again if I break up with my bf

21inkiepielover wrote:
2013-12-01 10:55:44 -0800

I want to break up with Travis..,only if Kano was real..Dx

AngelThumbelina wrote:
2013-12-01 10:36:40 -0800

not being in a relation is better than facing these complications...........

unet101 wrote:
2013-12-01 09:54:11 -0800

That's why I don't have or want a boyfriend.

brendaluvroc wrote:
2013-12-01 09:52:46 -0800


brendaluvroc wrote:
2013-12-01 09:45:48 -0800


LUL__TT wrote:
2013-11-27 08:03:01 -0800

it uaslly hard breaking up if u still love him

Danceralex111 wrote:
2013-11-22 02:46:29 -0800

I am bad at breaking up never know how to say it

HypedChica wrote:
2013-10-05 02:25:31 -0700

When we break up, we shouldn't only say sorry and try not to hurt them........

JennyD wrote:
2013-08-14 14:40:35 -0700

unless he doesn't care about you

XX_PrettyGurlSwag_XX wrote:
2013-08-14 14:36:14 -0700

impossible cuz when u break up he already gotta broken heart duh!!

wreastlingfan619 wrote:
2013-08-12 12:09:52 -0700

give him a stone cold stunner lol

Queen_Milah wrote:
2013-08-07 07:27:41 -0700

Online dating is really dangerous anyways

partyanyx wrote:
2013-06-25 08:53:02 -0700

the best way to break up with a dude is face to face in private and if the dude loves you he will understand

missyfun wrote:
2013-06-25 08:05:15 -0700

im good at relationships id need this lol

royaltyrulz wrote:
2013-06-25 08:03:15 -0700

0.0 why am i reading this? i love my bf

HinatalovesNaruto wrote:
2013-02-22 11:54:21 -0800

I break up with guys by saying the reason and Im sorry but thats why. It always works.

everlish sensation
everlish sensation wrote:
2013-02-13 23:33:44 -0800

but,the comments help me! smile

everlish sensation
everlish sensation wrote:
2013-02-13 23:23:13 -0800

this article is good but still not helping me. smile

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Best Way to Break Up With Someone?

  • Tell them face to face.
  • Get a friend to do it for you.
  • Send them an email or text message them.
  • Just ignore them. They'll get the message.

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