Top 5 Ways To Save

Do you find you spend your money faster than you can save it? Kidzworld gives you some tips in the Top 5 Ways To Save! Back to Article

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BetterHaveMy _Money
BetterHaveMy _Money wrote:
2012-10-04 04:15:41 -0700

ill just put my money in the back

el_bunny wrote:
2012-09-30 08:38:34 -0700

Im doing that!! Its a safe and i wrote down the coad in my text book and when i find it i can take out the money!

Matti'lyn wrote:
2012-08-10 17:30:17 -0700


Girlgal! wrote:
2012-08-10 15:30:51 -0700


ema_lee27_2187818 wrote:
2012-07-13 03:03:14 -0700

or yooh could just purchase a money box you cant open nd add money as you go without counting

diddy123701 wrote:
2012-06-20 09:42:32 -0700

you could also make a money box to keep your money in or you could also save money by giving it to your parents to look after.

oafcman wrote:
2012-06-17 02:12:06 -0700

u can also get an old fashioned money box where u have 2 break it 2 get the money

jelmo3 wrote:
2012-06-12 17:43:12 -0700

i have always blown off my money for trash worthy toys from dollar general i really hate those things but u need something for entertainment dont u?smile

jelmo3 wrote:
2012-06-12 17:39:08 -0700

i really have been saving but here is a good way to save. after your parents go to the grocery store make adeal so that u get the change that was left i have saved 2 dollars every 2 days but i have been blowing it so i am back to 2 dollars.

lovesong 21
lovesong 21 wrote:
2012-04-12 16:20:52 -0700

did i do something bad

lovesong 21
lovesong 21 wrote:
2012-04-12 16:19:59 -0700

i have 900000000000000 dollars saved

spongebob lover 101
spongebob lover 101 wrote:
2012-03-21 17:21:01 -0700

please no cusing there are little kids and good tips

Yung Nellynel
Yung Nellynel wrote:
2012-02-17 13:27:24 -0800

ill give u some money den

Yung Nellynel
Yung Nellynel wrote:
2012-02-17 13:26:54 -0800

y not?

Yung Nellynel
Yung Nellynel wrote:
2012-02-17 13:26:36 -0800

u shuld be able 2

Yung Nellynel
Yung Nellynel wrote:
2012-02-17 13:26:03 -0800

evere time i get mone i alwayz tri 2 spend it cauze 1 like 2 spend money

LaughLoudly123 wrote:
2012-01-14 19:14:16 -0800

Well I have my "Grown Up account" and i am not allowed to take money out till i am 18 i heard i have got over 3 mill

#1starwarsfan wrote:
2012-01-13 19:02:06 -0800

i hav 2 admit im not gud with money

buddy supmodel
buddy supmodel wrote:
2011-11-15 12:09:53 -0800

ha my dad earns 56 dollors a month and my uncle runs a bank

LPgirl wrote:
2011-08-06 14:09:51 -0700

Haha I only have like 2 dollars im broke!!! Worried lol!!!

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What Do You Save Your Allowance For?

  • A big day out with your pals.
  • Video games and computer stuff.
  • Clothes, clothes and more clothes.
  • CDs or posters of my fave musicians.

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hair puff with side pony
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