Get the Look: Lauren Conrad

fter watching MTV’s The Hills for the last few years, we just love the fact that Lauren Conrad (or LC as she was known back then!) has blossomed into such a style icon! From Laguna Beach, California high school girl to Teen Vogue intern and now author and designer of her own clothing collection, we always knew she was one to watch! Back to Article

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Snickers147 wrote:
2014-05-01 21:41:18 -0700

I love all the clothes they are really cute

starburst2 wrote:
2011-03-09 02:08:07 -0800

I really like her clothes and her hair in the first pic!

abredin wrote:
2010-11-01 10:05:26 -0700

wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thats amazing

jakestar77 wrote:
2010-10-13 09:30:13 -0700

awsome clothes

cookiemae02 wrote:
2010-09-05 07:44:43 -0700

Is that JB and if you dont know what that mean then that mean Justin Bieber.

Mz_FoReFaH_1563083 wrote:
2010-08-16 09:25:39 -0700

loks awesome

kaitlynanndrea wrote:
2010-08-07 11:15:47 -0700

can you make me a new wardrobe lauren conrad

kittymera wrote:
2010-08-01 07:59:45 -0700

you ROCK

cool2395 wrote:
2010-08-01 05:17:14 -0700

awww how CUTE GIRL

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Fave Laguna Beach Character?

  • LC.
  • Lo.
  • Stephen.
  • Kirstin.

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