The Penguins of Madagascar: Happy King Julien Day & New to the Zoo

If you couldn’t get enough of the Penguins of Madagascar on the big screen, it’s your lucky day! Two new titles - Happy King Julien Day and New to the Zoo are available on DVD August 10, 2010! Back to Article

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2qute4u190 wrote:
2012-01-31 16:24:43 -0800

another retarted sho

RozenMaiden(: wrote:
2011-12-11 19:48:40 -0800

Love this showww

Herry the heghog
Herry the heghog wrote:
2011-05-05 06:06:15 -0700


yolock wrote:
2011-05-05 05:52:37 -0700

all i want to say to every animal that is in that show is howdy doo. i love mort and rico, becuase there retarted just like me. hahahahahahahahahahahaha

Brianna1263 wrote:
2011-04-26 02:25:38 -0700

I love the penguins of Madagascar! My favorite animal is Mort he's so cute. Mort likes to touch King Juliens feet! King Julien doesnt let him though.

ninjah.g143 wrote:
2011-04-08 17:05:03 -0700

hahaha the show's soo funi!! XDD

veggie kid
veggie kid wrote:
2011-02-01 19:00:10 -0800

i love them too

nglow wrote:
2010-08-13 06:05:37 -0700

they're hilarious!!!

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What The Heck Is This?

  • An Aye-Aye.
  • A Leaf-Nosed Bat.
  • A Grandidier Baobab.
  • A Hairy-Eared Lemur.

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