Dear Dish-It: I Have Diabetes

No more sugar asks: "I recently found out I had diabetes. I'm worried that people will look at me different. Will they?" Back to Article

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Carlsen wrote:
2014-04-30 20:10:47 -0700

I have been on Lantus for long time but now the doctor he put me on Humalog. he say it have something in it to slow it down. I hope this is good thing.

Carlsen wrote:
2014-04-30 20:10:47 -0700

I have been on Lantus for long time but now the doctor he put me on Humalog. he say it have something in it to slow it down. I hope this is good thing.

QueenTitania wrote:
2013-07-26 22:21:58 -0700

you should write down your fealings

tune_in wrote:
2012-12-24 08:21:20 -0800

i have diabetes but im on an insulin pump

Kristy17 wrote:
2012-11-29 11:37:41 -0800

Well, I have pneumonia. But I dyed my hair purple to look cooler. Would that work? Indifferent

Abbey wrote:
2012-09-25 18:35:13 -0700

having diabetes is something to be proud of!i think is good to be different my friend Stacey thinks so too(she has diabetes,

mindlessbehaviorlover123 wrote:
2012-06-15 03:07:02 -0700

i have it

DuckyLuck wrote:
2012-04-05 19:22:41 -0700

never had it

Rocky2245 wrote:
2012-04-05 19:19:21 -0700

I have it

pixie britney
pixie britney wrote:
2012-02-12 18:28:07 -0800

Some people do and some people dont, i dont cause my stepdad has diabetes and cause its not nice.

ketchup freak
ketchup freak wrote:
2012-01-22 18:51:33 -0800

there was a part in my first comment that it looked like this 0ther i ment 2 write there

ketchup freak
ketchup freak wrote:
2012-01-22 18:49:20 -0800

I am a type 1 diabetic it is hard sometimes.0there r the ups and downs i play hockey so it is hard 4 me i get a bunch of highs and lows.i have a huge family so it is super hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tricey'15 wrote:
2012-01-07 17:16:21 -0800

My sis has type 1 diabetes iCan't how she deals with having to take shots nd stuff..but it is whut it is

XxSkylerxX wrote:
2012-01-07 17:00:36 -0800

I have Type 1.

P u m p e d - u p - k i c k s._1972354
P u m p e d - u p - k i c k s._1972354 wrote:
2012-01-07 16:58:37 -0800

My little cousin is a Type 1 Diabetic. It's hard to deal with the carb counting and Insulin, but it gets easier!

Rocky2245 wrote:
2012-01-07 16:56:57 -0800

I have type 1 diabetes

-Amazinq.Ashlee.x3.- wrote:
2012-01-07 16:55:53 -0800

i dont have this . only my grandma on both sides and my aunt has it .

CuteGrace wrote:
2011-10-07 05:03:55 -0700

i don´t have diabetes but there is this girl at my school and she does. And i think i want to talk about her feeling is to start fights because she starts a lot of fights Indifferent

hatty988 wrote:
2011-10-07 01:19:04 -0700

u have diabetes

cece luv51
cece luv51 wrote:
2011-10-06 17:31:40 -0700

my friend has diabettis and she cant all da stuff we eat

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"iamastar" wrote:i like this guy called brandon rumball he's really cute we are total opposites he's tall and i am short he is smart i am not so smart he is the best swimmer and i am the second worst and i really like  him i trying to forget about him but he's just poping back in my head i neeed help First off, for his safety don't tell his last name. And opposites attract. Sometimes. :p Maybe you get get him to help you become a better swimmer, even though here, it's cold.  
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Hey well I think u are so right about the hair thing.
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Homeschooler posted in Friends:
I'm not trying to be rude...but don't do the hair thing. Just don't. I know a lot of guys and they don't like flirty girls. Just be friend first and if he seems interested, and if you are ready for it, talk to your parents about going a little farther. One again, I'm not trying to be mean, but I just want you to be safe ;)
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hi, i have a guy i like He's name is Malachi. I really like him. He is from my youth group. Everytime i look at him he looks at him. I was told it means he likes me. Just go to him and say hi and act natural ok.  i know you will nervous but just be calm
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Just casually walk up to him, say Hi, look your best on that day. i mean, it can't hurt. Talk to him! Hang out! Have lunch. Flip your hair when he's looking your way. Be nice, not pushy.     Wish you luck!  :hippie :D
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