Dear Dish-It: I Have Diabetes

No more sugar asks: "I recently found out I had diabetes. I'm worried that people will look at me different. Will they?" Back to Article

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Carlsen wrote:
2014-04-30 20:10:47 -0700

I have been on Lantus for long time but now the doctor he put me on Humalog. he say it have something in it to slow it down. I hope this is good thing.

Carlsen wrote:
2014-04-30 20:10:47 -0700

I have been on Lantus for long time but now the doctor he put me on Humalog. he say it have something in it to slow it down. I hope this is good thing.

QueenTitania wrote:
2013-07-26 22:21:58 -0700

you should write down your fealings

tune_in wrote:
2012-12-24 08:21:20 -0800

i have diabetes but im on an insulin pump

Kristy17 wrote:
2012-11-29 11:37:41 -0800

Well, I have pneumonia. But I dyed my hair purple to look cooler. Would that work? Indifferent

Abbey wrote:
2012-09-25 18:35:13 -0700

having diabetes is something to be proud of!i think is good to be different my friend Stacey thinks so too(she has diabetes,

mindlessbehaviorlover123 wrote:
2012-06-15 03:07:02 -0700

i have it

DuckyLuck wrote:
2012-04-05 19:22:41 -0700

never had it

Rocky2245 wrote:
2012-04-05 19:19:21 -0700

I have it

pixie britney
pixie britney wrote:
2012-02-12 18:28:07 -0800

Some people do and some people dont, i dont cause my stepdad has diabetes and cause its not nice.

ketchup freak
ketchup freak wrote:
2012-01-22 18:51:33 -0800

there was a part in my first comment that it looked like this 0ther i ment 2 write there

ketchup freak
ketchup freak wrote:
2012-01-22 18:49:20 -0800

I am a type 1 diabetic it is hard sometimes.0there r the ups and downs i play hockey so it is hard 4 me i get a bunch of highs and lows.i have a huge family so it is super hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tricey'15 wrote:
2012-01-07 17:16:21 -0800

My sis has type 1 diabetes iCan't how she deals with having to take shots nd stuff..but it is whut it is

XxSkylerxX wrote:
2012-01-07 17:00:36 -0800

I have Type 1.

P u m p e d - u p - k i c k s._1972354
P u m p e d - u p - k i c k s._1972354 wrote:
2012-01-07 16:58:37 -0800

My little cousin is a Type 1 Diabetic. It's hard to deal with the carb counting and Insulin, but it gets easier!

Rocky2245 wrote:
2012-01-07 16:56:57 -0800

I have type 1 diabetes

-Amazinq.Ashlee.x3.- wrote:
2012-01-07 16:55:53 -0800

i dont have this . only my grandma on both sides and my aunt has it .

CuteGrace wrote:
2011-10-07 05:03:55 -0700

i don´t have diabetes but there is this girl at my school and she does. And i think i want to talk about her feeling is to start fights because she starts a lot of fights Indifferent

hatty988 wrote:
2011-10-07 01:19:04 -0700

u have diabetes

cece luv51
cece luv51 wrote:
2011-10-06 17:31:40 -0700

my friend has diabettis and she cant all da stuff we eat

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  • Arthur Ashe.
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Thanks for the support!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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