Incubus Concert Review

Before the lights even dimmed for the opening band I was shaking. In a matter of seconds Jared Leto would be standing less than 30 feet away. I think everyone else just wanted to see Incubus… Back to Article

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Fave Actor Turned Singer?

  • Keanu Reeves with his band Dogstar.
  • 30 Seconds to Mars' Jared Leto!
  • Christian Kane from Angel and Summer Catch.
  • Former Party of Fiver, Jennifer Love Hewitt.

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That movie is soo overrated. I never even got what it meant. And, there's also lame songs playing every 5 minutes of the movie. :mad :mad
reply about 4 hours
dmcchick99 posted in Movies:
The Fault in Our Stars and Divergent
reply about 6 hours
Ten560 posted in Movies:
Bradford riots
reply about 7 hours
Makayla746 posted in Movies:
the exersist  ;)
reply 1 day
Visual Aid
Visual Aid posted in Movies:
Batman Begins
reply 1 day