Freeing Captive Whales - Is It The Right Thing?

We now know that whales in captivity are a bad thing. But wouldn't it be best for us to make the last years of Keiko�s life as enjoyable as possible instead of trying to make ourselves feel better? Back to Article

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GloWorm202 wrote:
2013-11-26 06:11:34 -0800

Release every dolphin!

GloWorm202 wrote:
2013-11-26 06:11:04 -0800

No! No orcas or dolphins in captivity! No no no no no!

rebajoe wrote:
2010-11-28 03:58:19 -0800

Of coarse!!!in an animals last year of living they would want to seewhere they were born for a last time!!i would.keeping animals captive is kind of like animal abuse!if scientists want to study a certain animal they should just study it in it's own habitat! NOT keep it in a cage!!it's not right!animals should be able to live in their own habitat not in cages or jars!if you think this is wrong too please leave a comment to!!

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How Many Whales In Captivity?

  • I think there are 10 orcas left in captivity.
  • There must be at least 35 around the world.
  • Is it about 48 killer whales?
  • I thought Keiko was the last one.

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