Quiz the Coach :: Skinny Body Blues

I very much dislike my body. I'm not large, but I'm small and skinny. The insults I get are 'you're anorexic' and things along the lines of that. I happen to be size 0. Do you have any tips on how to be comfortable with my body, or maybe some tips how to gain some weight? Back to Article

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brunostar wrote:
2013-08-29 04:39:17 -0700


:p :) :( MOODY! :p :) :(
:p :) :( MOODY! :p :) :( wrote:
2012-11-25 14:46:50 -0800

im overweight but when i saw this i realised that i dont have to look like super models just eat healthy do exersize and thats it.

AnimeStellaXD wrote:
2012-06-18 13:14:11 -0700

I'm too skinny,too.Some people in my family call me twig. Frown

Libbyh15 wrote:
2012-01-22 06:56:54 -0800

ive struggled with my weight since i was 8 and now im on a diet and lost 10 pounds in 5 days and my mom said thats not good Frustrated ooh well

lani78 wrote:
2012-01-22 03:43:29 -0800

Lolz that is me if amc healthy Big Grin

basketballlover714 wrote:
2012-01-21 21:07:48 -0800

I am happy with my self

Rocky2245 wrote:
2012-01-21 20:47:37 -0800

I eat mad Healthy

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  • Veggies or fruit.
  • Chocolate or chips.
  • Pita with hummus or salsa.

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