How to Make Waves

We all love to change up our hairstyle once in a while! Luckily for us, nowadays it’s super easy to change up your hairstyle at home whenever you feel like it - no salon visit is necessary! Check out our tips on how to make waves in your hair! Back to Article

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PerfectlyFlawed12 wrote:
2014-03-26 09:38:18 -0700

I love her waves!!!

JennyD wrote:
2013-07-01 16:14:06 -0700

I like Taylor Swift's signature wavesGrin

PixieTulip! wrote:
2012-04-27 09:26:50 -0700

nyc advice !!!

purplezebra1235 wrote:
2012-03-28 10:26:49 -0700

same with me!

purplezebra1235 wrote:
2012-03-28 10:26:14 -0700

i just sleep in a bun and its wavy cuz curly just isn't me!

LoVeAnDhAtEmE wrote:
2012-03-04 14:13:20 -0800

The easiest is to just braid it. Curling can take time, depending on hw wavy you want your hair.

-MasterSkyward- wrote:
2011-12-19 05:44:25 -0800

My hair is a little curly, but it depends if I've been in the rain or something. My hair reacts to rain, and it goes curly. ._.

Artsygirl2 wrote:
2011-12-15 15:12:58 -0800

mine's a little wavy...but sometimes it's all straight!my mom likes it when it's straight.but wavy's better!i want my hair to have dramatic curls, like at it's sorta wavy.-.-

rickyqueen89 wrote:
2011-12-15 14:52:30 -0800

My hair is very straight and its hard to curl it sometimes.

Meliissa Louiise' xx
Meliissa Louiise' xx wrote:
2011-12-15 14:50:05 -0800

My hairs curly.
Its pretty hard to do anything with my hair ._.

funlover14 wrote:
2011-12-15 14:48:08 -0800

Mine is wavy and I can't do anything that actually works to get it straight. -_-

musicfunlover1 wrote:
2011-12-15 14:46:49 -0800

My hair is already wavy, but the waves are suckish.

Narkuta_xP wrote:
2011-12-15 12:20:53 -0800

Annd Like A Whoole Cann Of Hairspray..

Narkuta_xP wrote:
2011-12-15 12:20:38 -0800

Mine Only Works With Gel. Frustrated

kstanz wrote:
2011-10-25 02:01:42 -0700

my sister wants her hair eco Frown

natNalex241 wrote:
2011-07-19 11:19:41 -0700

Ur luckyyy!!! My hair is PIN STRAIGHT and it has 2 curls on my side bangs and it looks...STUPIDDDD!!!! Consider urself luckyyy.... smile

natNalex241 wrote:
2011-07-19 11:18:08 -0700

IT SUX!!! curling irons+gel+braiding=STARIGHT HAIR!!!! My hair JUST WON'T CURRRRLLLLL!!!! Frustrated

majizenn wrote:
2011-06-13 22:09:48 -0700

wow waves lol

haliie$ wrote:
2011-06-02 15:03:48 -0700

It is so true Britney87 has natural waves in the back and curly in the front It looks so pretty!
I know that because I am her old friend from Canada!

britney87 wrote:
2011-06-02 14:50:03 -0700

I have natural little waves on the back of my hair and it is kind of curly in the front.

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