Spider-Man vs Batman :: Ultimate Battle

Spider-Man is the web-slinging hero from Marvel Comics and Spider-Man the Movie starring Tobey Maguire>. is the Dark Knight of Gotham City - he's a super-smart crime-fighter with years of combat training and tons of cool bat toys to use on his enemies. Back to Article

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Kyle689 wrote:
2013-08-09 02:03:30 -0700

I think batman is cooler than 'spidey'

mariofan 9987
mariofan 9987 wrote:
2012-07-25 07:22:09 -0700

I like both the same.

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Spider-Man vs Batman - Who Wins?

  • Listen bub, Spider-Man's got radioactive blood.
  • Batman can't be beat - he's the Dark Knight.
  • They're too close to call - it'll never end.
  • Harley Quinn will win - she'll kick both their butts.

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