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stardom143 asks: "I am 13 years old and I am a female. I am quite thin and I need some advice on how to get abs in at least three weeks. Not just a flat stomach like I want it to show. Please help me." Back to Article

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Namibia is awsome
Namibia is awsome wrote:
2011-04-27 03:31:15 -0700

this six pack picture is helerious

sports4eva wrote:
2011-03-18 13:06:29 -0700

I put a lot of dedication and hard work into what I was doing, and I did come up with 6 pack abs. in
4 days I had a 1 pack, so that's when I stepped
up my game because I knew that I could do it.
Good luck!! smile

Jazzy23 wrote:
2011-02-10 05:17:52 -0800

my bf has a 6 pack

yazminbabygurl2001 wrote:
2011-01-08 06:15:22 -0800

its the same thing with me

mckayla_is_cool wrote:
2011-01-08 04:33:31 -0800

IM BORD Disappointed

country_girl1234_1648866 wrote:
2010-12-29 13:14:43 -0800

nice advice coach! ill try to use ur advice cuz im about the same way as stardom143!

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