Dear Dish-It: Big Bro Bully

dish it out person asks: “My brother keeps bullying me about not being as big as him. He calls me shorty and he picks on me every day. How do I help it?” Back to Article

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brunostar wrote:
2014-01-30 13:00:16 -0800


CuteMoo2 wrote:
2014-01-30 12:49:11 -0800

ive always wanted a big brother! im the oldest of 3 girls -_- not fun

-FallinForYou- wrote:
2014-01-30 12:43:06 -0800

I don't have a Brother Frown

adora12 wrote:
2013-10-13 19:42:21 -0700

hmm.. alrigth..

animefreakXD wrote:
2013-10-13 19:39:25 -0700

I'm the oldest child in my family...

Ginnyweasley12 wrote:
2013-08-17 22:48:21 -0700

When I get into a temper, he knows it is bad smile

Ginnyweasley12 wrote:
2013-08-17 22:48:00 -0700

my brother made me angry, but now since I am almost 12, he kind of stopped it.

mindlessbehaviorlover123 wrote:
2012-06-18 22:42:05 -0700

My brother hates me like crazy and when hes around his friends he make fun of me cuz im younger and he stronger n all dat stuff

ILoveSoftball#10 wrote:
2012-06-18 22:31:11 -0700

My brother used to make fun of my a lot when we were younger, then I grew up a relized that he was just playing around. smile

girlsare cool
girlsare cool wrote:
2012-05-16 11:13:41 -0700

tell ur 'rent' and when he is really bad after things have calmed down tell ur 'rent's smile hope it helps

Hershey97 wrote:
2012-04-18 09:41:00 -0700

Siblings make fun of eachother all the time, but if it really bothers u, talk to a parent, my sister bullies me all the time!

JFizzy wrote:
2012-04-12 06:26:23 -0700

but my older brother on here rocks his name is "dirty-room" best bro in de world

JFizzy wrote:
2012-04-12 06:24:28 -0700

my 3 brothers are yonger than me. the yongest is three and behaves for the most part but my 7 almost 8 and 10 almost 11 year old brothers are always fining way to get me in ttrouble for things i dont do

Starlight hills
Starlight hills wrote:
2012-04-12 03:21:52 -0700

Me and my big bro are constantly pulling pranks on eachother and fighting.
Where it says "don't retaliate"...oops, too late xD

hiphopkid wrote:
2012-02-11 07:41:09 -0800

my big bro does that to me all the time but my mom says that when we get older and were more mature he'll stop, but if that doesn't work he gets out of the house in a very short time. Yay me!!!!

money48 wrote:
2011-12-19 11:18:53 -0800

thats a sham

Ginger17 wrote:
2011-12-19 10:46:11 -0800

My Big bro is nice to me i guess cause i head to put him in a head lock so he would stop messing with me smile

fatcakes1027 wrote:
2011-10-30 07:58:47 -0700

my little brouther is a bother

-DinoCupcakes(: wrote:
2011-10-24 01:34:21 -0700

my big bro is my bestie!

strawberry w
strawberry w wrote:
2011-09-08 11:50:09 -0700

mi bro alway bully meh bt i walk away.dhatz hw i handle thingsxx

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Best Thing About Big Brothers and Sisters?

  • They're there for me when I have a problem.
  • They take me to fun places!
  • They help me out with school stuff.
  • They make great friends.

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