Dear Dish-It: My Mom Won't Let Me Dye My Hair

I want to be myself and dying my hair makes me feel like an individual. Why doesn't my mom want me to dye my hair - and how can I convince her to let me do it? Back to Article

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the moon
the moon wrote:
2011-07-21 21:03:40 -0700

ya i guess so

firedragonboy 1340_1361738
firedragonboy 1340_1361738 wrote:
2011-07-21 21:02:28 -0700

I dyed my hair red once and didnt like it then changed it blue lols

the moon
the moon wrote:
2011-07-21 20:58:45 -0700

my mom is letting me get blonde hight lights but she wont let me dye my hair dark brown

momod810 wrote:
2011-07-21 20:53:35 -0700

my mom wont let me have caremel streaks but i know she is doing something right for me she wont even let me cut my hair soo just think

Cookie1013 wrote:
2011-07-21 20:47:20 -0700

me either i want to dye my hair black wit red highlights or stips or rainbow that would be cool

zac4568 wrote:
2011-07-21 20:46:08 -0700

my parents wouldn't let me do it so i begged and begged and after about 3 weeeks of whining they gave in lol

lil_miss_diva21 wrote:
2011-07-21 20:43:31 -0700

i live with my dad and step mom and they wont let me die my hair Frown

swirlygirl wrote:
2011-07-21 20:38:34 -0700

Im dying mine soon(:

LoliipopXD!!! wrote:
2011-07-21 20:34:53 -0700

Oops my hair turned out pink jkjk but I am gonna get red high lightssmile

xxxhellokitty123xxx wrote:
2011-07-21 20:32:12 -0700

i can die mt hair ant color last i died my hair purple for the whole year!! Big Grin

LiiLMizzNicki wrote:
2011-07-21 20:27:57 -0700

wow i died my hair blonde cant yu see lol

*cashwalker* wrote:
2011-07-21 20:09:45 -0700

ughhhh lol my ex has highlights with redish crap in there

*cashwalker* wrote:
2011-07-21 20:09:00 -0700

wwhat color

JJHSStar23 wrote:
2011-07-21 20:03:21 -0700

I Just Died My Hair A Dark Dark Redish Tint

swaggerific chick
swaggerific chick wrote:
2011-07-21 19:54:42 -0700

i dyed my hair

dakotajt wrote:
2011-07-21 19:38:14 -0700

i dyed my hair best idea ever

xXxpurple.pandaxXx_1667291 wrote:
2011-07-21 19:35:19 -0700


Kaylob. wrote:
2011-07-21 19:32:54 -0700

Uhhm I went To Get Bomb shells, And Then I Looked Around My House And....I Saw A Pic O My Grandma....(:

xXxpurple.pandaxXx_1667291 wrote:
2011-07-21 19:25:53 -0700

prob either staring at hot pictures of his grandmother or he logged out and went to the store and bought some bomb shells .

Katelynn!:) wrote:
2011-07-21 19:23:05 -0700

:P wheres Kaylob? ):

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What's Your Biggest Hair Problem?

  • Getting the tangles out after a shower.
  • Keeping the frizzies down.
  • I always get a funny flip on one side.
  • My curls lose their spring.

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