Dear Dish-It, Do I Tell Him I Like Him?

I am going to the movies with my crush on Friday. I've never had strong feelings for anyone and now I do! What should I do - tell him I like him or just go to the movies and kiss? What's your advice? Back to Article

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SkittlesQueen130 wrote:
2014-01-28 16:16:22 -0800

i told this one boy that i liked him and he liked me to and now me and him r going out

XxCryXx wrote:
2014-01-28 15:01:57 -0800

I told my crush I liked him but he didn't like me back that way, but we are still good friends and Im happy for that

Crystaliana wrote:
2013-12-04 08:18:16 -0800

I really can't tell him........i am not able to anything after seeing him..................what to do????????????

superhero741 wrote:
2013-09-19 00:43:24 -0700

I split up with my boyfriend a couple of weeks ago and now he wants me back

Not A Normal Girl 17
Not A Normal Girl 17 wrote:
2012-11-19 18:20:18 -0800

I got a massive crush on my bro friend n idk if he likes me my friend told me she told him I liked him she said he smiled! But how do I knw he likes me?

be.beautiful.stay.beautiful_2216751 wrote:
2012-08-29 19:11:26 -0700

why isnt it that easy to tell a guy u like them Frown

ellzybell wrote:
2012-08-29 11:41:42 -0700

god just go some guts and tell him u like him Frustrated

1Directioner676 wrote:
2012-08-29 04:49:11 -0700

I like -like this boy at my school and I'm going into year 6 and I don't know is he likes me too because we've known each other for 5 years not and been to the park to talk help me

beautifulme40 wrote:
2012-08-25 09:06:29 -0700

I tell all the guys i that i like that i like them bc if u dont tell them how will they know nd how will u know they feel the same way

bd1 wrote:
2012-01-13 21:38:15 -0800

I like this guy and I weny out with him twice and he always broke my heart its just that I seem like I cant over him he is a player thou and one time he said its bcuz I,ugly and doesnt want to be seen wid me

ArianaJoy_1986019 wrote:
2012-01-09 17:00:44 -0800

i like this guy at my school and idk if he likes me back though......

RealDiva999 wrote:
2012-01-08 20:53:54 -0800

I like this guy alott like really bad we have gon out already hes really sweet he has a kw i love him but he has a gf nd idont think he likez me anymore Frustrated

horsedogwuver123 wrote:
2012-01-08 20:48:12 -0800

idk i want 2 but idk

Hello-Kitty numder 1
Hello-Kitty numder 1 wrote:
2012-01-08 20:22:41 -0800

No flirt with him n he should get a clue

pooda5667 wrote:
2012-01-06 18:46:51 -0800


Ace3000 wrote:
2012-01-06 17:01:28 -0800

no jus start hangin out wit him first

nerd4eva123_1984380 wrote:
2012-01-06 16:51:37 -0800

no way dnt do dat

A-N-A-Z-H-I-A wrote:
2012-01-06 16:47:54 -0800

no u dont tell him that

DreamChaser13 wrote:
2012-01-02 13:03:59 -0800

Love it but WOW....!!!

DreamChaser13 wrote:
2012-01-02 13:03:06 -0800

Thank u same thing I said.....

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Would You Date Your BFF's Ex?

  • No way. No guy is worth my best friend's friendship.
  • Sure. It's not my fault he likes me.
  • Not my BFF's ex, but a lesser friend's ex is okay.
  • I'm not sure.

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"jordand08" wrote: "MissD" wrote: I just wanted to chime in - I agree with the above poster :) It's tough to be a creative, many people generally react strongly when they a. either feel threatened by something (in this case your individuality and talent - drawing is a gift!) or b. are a little jealous. I always like to think when people are rude - it's more of a negative reflection of their own insecurity and self and LESS about you at all.  Despite knowing that - it's still hurts. I am glad you shared your story, that was brave and I bet other girls here will feel a little better knowing they are not alone in feeling this way.  Lastly, I know none of you guys know me yet as today is my first day BUT I LOVE, like LOVE Henry David Thoreau. He is one of my absolute favourite writers. <3    Haha that's great, yes, he is. When my grandfather died we had put it as a quote.  Haha (: You guys are amazing! Great advice ^-^ Now my little bit of advice... thanks for leaving such a broad area to touch on... *grumbles* What can I say? And don't you forget it! Remember, if you ever need a friend, I''ll be here. So... send me a friend request if you're up to it ^-^  
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I think it's good that you put this up. It's obvious that you care about him. Maybe he just needs a friend? Not necessarily... "a girl."  Do you know why he's been so down?  
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