Nuclear Energy In A Nutshell

Besides the fact that Nuclear Power plants can make a little fish grow a 3rd eyeball… what else do you know about nuclear energy? If you haven’t heard about the energy crisis, the world is desperate for energy and nuclear energy is a major solution… or is it? Many people think that the power generated by nuclear power plants is worse for the environment in the long run. Back to Article

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TheDoktor wrote:
2013-01-05 19:01:25 -0800

Go ahead, don't even mention the wonders of
thorium and all of its potential.

jiexin wrote:
2012-04-29 15:45:45 -0700

Excellent explanation on nuclear energy! Marie Curie would be proud!

magsrock1023 wrote:
2012-02-04 17:21:30 -0800

well nuclear energi is bad when you grow a third eye but other wise its ok

Mahatama wrote:
2011-05-22 05:53:33 -0700

nuclear power plants emit less dangerous radiation than coal power plants.

Brizie - chan
Brizie - chan wrote:
2011-05-22 00:40:48 -0700

Love all the Simpsons references. x'D

Beaded Bracelets
Beaded Bracelets wrote:
2011-05-22 00:28:50 -0700

I Love The Fish[;

-Royce wrote:
2011-05-22 00:27:22 -0700


I_Rawr_Yooh wrote:
2011-05-22 00:24:28 -0700

Fishie(; Its my new boyfriend xD

Matty321 wrote:
2011-05-22 00:20:54 -0700

Haha at the fish!

Jada miNAJ
Jada miNAJ wrote:
2011-05-11 06:28:49 -0700

hAHA lol IKR

Izzy0mg wrote:
2011-04-18 09:54:50 -0700

Lol LIES!!!!

sexii_guy1254 wrote:
2011-04-18 09:44:58 -0700


-Dr.Squiggles- wrote:
2011-04-18 09:42:40 -0700

This. Is. So. Not. How. Nuclear. Sh*t. Is.

truebloodluver23 wrote:
2011-04-17 10:49:41 -0700


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What is the Cleanest Burning Fossil Fuel?

  • Coal.
  • Oil.
  • Natural Gas.
  • They all create the same amount of pollution.

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