Cyberbullying 101

Attention all Cyberbullies! Put down your weapons! And that means your cellphone, your keyboard and your mouse. It’s bad enough that we have nasty bullies that push us around on the playground ... we don't need 'em online, too! Back to Article

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Totalitarianist wrote:
2011-10-05 17:32:15 -0700

Really? People ACTUALLY get offended by a poorly-written sentence such as "NO1 LIKES U! LOSER!" Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

HinataLover4Ever wrote:
2011-10-05 17:16:17 -0700

i've been cyberbullied

Dog Lover
Dog Lover wrote:
2011-10-05 15:51:30 -0700

that is so wrong people dont know how bad that hurts other people.

pookiemjb wrote:
2011-10-03 17:51:40 -0700

Wow. It's so nice of you to take the time to do this Zebrarock. You are a truly nice person.

lillyann91 wrote:
2011-10-03 15:40:17 -0700

ive been bullied and it dnt feel good to be bullied

Kaitymay820 wrote:
2011-10-03 14:45:30 -0700

attention seekers.. that's wat they are. they bully cause they want to be noticed

megan foxx456
megan foxx456 wrote:
2011-10-02 21:40:30 -0700

i have to amdit that the frist person cyberbulling is a super dumb person

kamarah456 wrote:
2011-10-02 21:10:45 -0700

Confused why do people do it they are jerks

myles rocks!
myles rocks! wrote:
2011-10-02 20:08:40 -0700

hate me people who bully

treblegirl4ever wrote:
2011-10-02 19:34:28 -0700

I am a living testimony of cyberbullying. I was cyberbullyed to the point of almost succeeding to committ suicide. It is wrong and it destroys both the bullyer and the bullyed. the person on the recieving end feels worthless and less than human. these are people! how would you feel if you were the one being bullyed? it is not right and if you are a bully you need to STOP!!

owl_city_koalas wrote:
2011-10-02 18:47:54 -0700

I know, I feel bad cause I used to be one, then I decided to stop cause it's wrong

dead-rose23 wrote:
2011-10-02 18:15:10 -0700

we wanted to kill ourselves this need to stop

dead-rose23 wrote:
2011-10-02 18:14:51 -0700

cyberbulling is really bad i was going threw it for a while and my sis and my friend

eyeofthejade wrote:
2011-10-02 16:10:46 -0700

cyberbullying is the worst but if you do tell on them it can go big so big the earth can see it is not a joke i have been bully so i tell my mom and she know what to do so if you tell someone it can stop i never bully or cyberbully so why to all the people that been bully just tell your mom or dad and we can stop bully cyberbully if you know someone that bully tell them to stop

Cdigman wrote:
2011-10-02 15:59:04 -0700

It's sad people waste their time even looking at these messages... I just ignore them and let them continue wasting their time.

whitebunny206 wrote:
2011-10-02 15:44:04 -0700

cyberbullying is the worst thing anyone could do to anyone one on the wb other than dump them repeatly

Rocky2245 wrote:
2011-10-02 15:12:47 -0700

it is sad

Doodlebug99 wrote:
2011-10-02 15:12:36 -0700

Gawjussgracieex is a excellent Jr mod. Thanks to her, I feel much safer on the boards especially at night. Thanks graciee Grin

Rocky2245 wrote:
2011-10-02 15:12:34 -0700

no more cyberbullying

Doodlebug99 wrote:
2011-10-02 15:10:45 -0700

Gawjusgracieex is a excellent Jr mod. Thanks to her, I feel much safer o the boards especially at night. Thank you graciee. You're a nice and awesome jr mod.

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