Kidzworld needs YOU to fight cyber bullying

Yesterday Facebook and Time Warner announced a new initiative to combat cyber bullying, one of the growing and most vicious trends to plague young (and in some cases grown up) people. It can be anonymous or public but either way is hurtful and even dangerous. Back to Article

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Aloshiscute wrote:
2013-01-13 11:12:43 -0800

me and my friend tried but noway the stop no way

UltraCuteGirl_2356913 wrote:
2013-01-13 11:11:01 -0800

imma bully at my schoool lol am the cheerleading captain and everyone loves me i hate geeks nerds and dorks

Middleschoolluv wrote:
2013-01-02 21:00:55 -0800

It's scary to think bullying keeps growing 20 years ago I bet cyber bullying didn't exist

sibunann wrote:
2012-12-24 10:39:46 -0800

me? or anybody?

coolbro12_2298974 wrote:
2012-12-24 09:23:18 -0800

I agree wit U

 boss man 123
boss man 123 wrote:
2012-12-23 15:30:46 -0800


 boss man 123
boss man 123 wrote:
2012-12-23 15:29:28 -0800

I once acted hard in yr1 and I spat at a girl
when her dad come I was crying madly

 boss man 123
boss man 123 wrote:
2012-12-23 15:25:41 -0800

I agree with U

molly1357 wrote:
2012-12-23 07:55:50 -0800

yer cyberbullying is mean you shouldnt do it if your are one of them then STOP

Bubblegum368 wrote:
2012-12-22 09:45:35 -0800

Cyberbullying shouldn't happen! It's mean and it ruins peoples lives! Luckily, I've never been bullied in anyway! I'm extremely grateful for that!

nicolemarie wrote:
2012-12-22 06:54:57 -0800

bubblegumlover702 is nice

sibunann wrote:
2012-12-22 06:54:02 -0800

wheres the mod?

sibunann wrote:
2012-12-22 06:53:48 -0800

see bubble gum its true ive been bully on KW by bubblegum702

justliberty wrote:
2012-12-13 18:38:51 -0800

only small minded people have to be a bully but it just means they don't know how to be a person

justliberty wrote:
2012-12-13 18:35:11 -0800

I think bulling needs to be STOPPED!! it real isn't good.....

wreastlingfan619 wrote:
2012-12-12 14:05:14 -0800

i been bullyed a lot on kw

autumn323 wrote:
2012-12-12 12:22:04 -0800

It's not just online.....People need to stop in the real world.

coolnam wrote:
2012-12-12 03:50:51 -0800

true cyber bullying needs to be STOPPED!! it isnt good...

selrux wrote:
2012-12-11 20:40:04 -0800

Cyber Bullying needs to stop ! It hurts other's feelings Frown

xglitterstar1 wrote:
2012-12-11 20:13:04 -0800

it not cool stand up to bullying

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