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lil nanny
lil nanny wrote:
2012-01-22 14:04:01 -0800

i will not get bullied because these people know i will put my hands on themm

dancer0909 wrote:
2012-01-22 13:29:12 -0800

i have been bullied by this one girl who made me pack her bag wait for her made me miss my bus and i was the only one who stood up and when i do her brother and his friends surround me and yell at me

mrs.Galvan wrote:
2012-01-22 10:03:50 -0800

ive never been bullyed nd i hope it stays dat way but im tellin yhu now if u touch me or try to me...ima cap on yo azz! dnt fuuuk with me...aint playin! real tlk. smile

ExcuseMyFrench wrote:
2011-08-20 21:23:19 -0700

I wish I were in high school so I could enter Frown Just 1 more year to wait though!!

steve guy
steve guy wrote:
2011-08-02 03:51:58 -0700

i know right

layn1444 wrote:
2011-07-23 11:49:33 -0700

too bad im not in high school i would have enterd. well thts life

diamond99 wrote:
2011-07-18 12:22:00 -0700

Im not a high schooler! BUMMER! Cuz I love 2 write.

webkinzrule24 wrote:
2011-07-18 12:12:11 -0700

I'm not a high school student though so I can't enter. But that doesn't stop me from writing!

lilbit50 wrote:
2011-07-18 07:41:27 -0700

who dey think wanna write about dat!! dey need 2 stop dey mess

asasha wrote:
2011-07-17 14:53:59 -0700


♪♫scones♫♪ wrote:
2011-07-17 10:36:12 -0700

Same niyagirl!! I LOVE to write and I am good at it too!!! I'm going into highschool not this coming year but the one after. (Where I live highschool is gr 8-12). I am going into grade 7 this year... smile

Paris France
Paris France wrote:
2011-07-16 19:37:40 -0700

they need to stop know

Brianna1263 wrote:
2011-07-16 14:57:23 -0700

BUllies stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!

raymi100 wrote:
2011-07-16 11:52:42 -0700

TTLY Entering! Big Grin

Rock_chick12 wrote:
2011-07-16 11:03:22 -0700

fresh_gucci_1282_: Please stop spamming.

fresh_gucci_1282_ wrote:
2011-07-16 10:58:20 -0700

yah me 2 im tired of bulliezss they dnt run my way i run theres they not the only bad boys and girls theres new sheriffs in the town so hush ya self down and deal wit it ya not da baddest person get tht straght cause u dnt run thiz town god does ty

giabbyx3 wrote:
2011-07-15 22:51:46 -0700

im tired of bullies walking down the halls thinking they run the place

Brooke_GoesRawr wrote:
2011-07-15 17:37:14 -0700

Bullies are getting on my nerves already.

oiu654 wrote:
2011-07-15 17:22:45 -0700

totally i think bully's go to far sometimes

oiu654 wrote:
2011-07-15 17:18:16 -0700

i agree to

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