2012 End of the World Prophecies

If the "2012 End of the World" nonsense is freaking you out (i.e., you're thinking of building a fort in your basement with a year’s supplies of Twinkies and Dr. Pip, just in case) ... here are some good reasons why you don't need to panic! Back to Article

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you be mine-and ill be yours_2289169
you be mine-and ill be yours_2289169 wrote:
2012-12-22 17:50:02 -0800


beautiful mimi!!!
beautiful mimi!!! wrote:
2012-12-22 17:46:42 -0800

yah i mean like let go delete this article and go on with ur life

you be mine-and ill be yours_2289169
you be mine-and ill be yours_2289169 wrote:
2012-12-22 17:41:58 -0800

exactly beautiful mimi!!!: idk why they keep talking about

JoshizMyName13 wrote:
2012-12-22 17:40:57 -0800

Y'all needa shut up about it already, the 21st came and left already if you still comment on this you either stupid or you just have a boring life

beautiful mimi!!!
beautiful mimi!!! wrote:
2012-12-22 17:40:16 -0800

yes plz stop blowing up my notifications thanks you be mine-and ill be yours

you be mine-and ill be yours_2289169
you be mine-and ill be yours_2289169 wrote:
2012-12-22 17:37:05 -0800

omg why are u guys still talking about it the world
was supposed to end yesterday but it didn't so just
stop talking about it it's over

Prophey wrote:
2012-12-22 17:34:46 -0800


Prophey wrote:
2012-12-22 17:34:25 -0800

to all the people who wont let this go here is three gifts for you Big Grin i present a bridge: GET OVER IT a strawDazedUCK IT UP and a full cup : SHUT THE FULL CUP

keys101 wrote:
2012-12-22 17:33:55 -0800

Man!!! yall know that yall need to stop
hypothesizing about that.. i just turned 11 and i
that for a fact that the world aint goin end sooner but it better be later cuz i got to live the rest of my life.. so people get them facts straight

shaperd210 wrote:
2012-12-22 17:29:11 -0800

they should give a medal to the Mayans because they trolled the world

lovablejade wrote:
2012-12-22 17:09:57 -0800


lovablejade wrote:
2012-12-22 17:09:45 -0800

owo lets fall for this is really gnna happen psyc its like some one saying that i dont like candy all is a lie

LoveChain '_2318250
LoveChain '_2318250 wrote:
2012-12-22 17:07:02 -0800

Lies Lies Lies , Pshh People Now Days Please Go Get Some Popsicles xD

Elisabethloveisback wrote:
2012-12-22 17:07:00 -0800

haha So much for the end of the world huh? lol these ppl are jus stupid......................-_-

babykiity wrote:
2012-12-22 16:54:30 -0800

this whole thing was a lie it is stupid to fall for this trick Raspberry

_*Joshii*__2219063 wrote:
2012-12-22 16:53:46 -0800

@Krii ~ You Dont Say..?! -.- Lmaoo

Kryshta'♥_2332895 wrote:
2012-12-22 16:51:24 -0800

I Dont Think The World Ended Yesterday..? o.o Haha

cutegirl333_2261258 wrote:
2012-12-22 16:45:44 -0800

never eva gonna happen

happywazere wrote:
2012-12-22 16:44:06 -0800

world not gonna end

Prophey wrote:
2012-12-22 16:32:42 -0800

the world will end aleast 3 million years from now

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When Did World War I End?

  • July 14, 1914.
  • December 25, 1916.
  • September 10, 1912.
  • November 11, 1918.

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