Pokémon TCG: Preparing for the World Championship Tournament

The Pokémon Trading Card Game and Video Game World Championship Tournaments will be held in San Diego from August 12 to August 14. This event is meant for everyone who loves Pokémon, even if you are not a competitive player! Back to Article

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mainmuffin wrote:
2011-08-10 11:00:06 -0700

haha i didn't even read it but i gave it a thumbs up cuz i luvz pokemon!!!!!! Big Grin

sk8tboy569 wrote:
2011-08-10 10:26:45 -0700

i got pokemon gold for nintendo ds

Baby260 wrote:
2011-08-10 09:41:21 -0700

I like pokemon about 2 years ago pokemon is
super cartoons but today is not....

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Which of these Pokemon movies came out first?
  • Pokemon: The Power of One
  • Pokemon 4Ever
  • Pokemon Heroes
  • Pokemon 3: The Movie

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Strange, isn't it?
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AQ90 posted in Board Games:
"lilzoe12" wrote:ummm Taylor Swift def lol c; How can i make my brother stop screaming everytime he makes a video????? thanks! c:
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lilzoe12 posted in Board Games:
ummm Taylor Swift def lol c;  How can i make my brother stop screaming everytime he makes a video?????
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AQ90 posted in Board Games:
cuz memes would never be the same without him WHO WILL BE MY GIRLFRIEND?!
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