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kk108 wrote:
2011-08-21 14:10:01 -0700

is that when i started being friends wit nancy nd them bri didnt want me to cuz she thought i was takin her away nd then she started being mean to me so now shes apoligizing but shes been so mean to me u dont even know half of the story so the pint is idk wat to do

Miaa2001 wrote:
2011-08-21 14:04:44 -0700

i have a bff

kk108 wrote:
2011-08-21 14:02:30 -0700

well here is my sitiation well theres this gurl named bri nd i have my bff/sista her name is nancy nd like i wasnt there friends before when i wasnt there friends i tryed to help bri into havning a better friednship wit nancy cuz there was this other gurl alexis nd alexis wanted nancy as her bff so like alexis pulled nancy away once in a while nd bri got sad i saw her nd i asked if something was wrong nd like she said tht she was sad becuz of tht so i helped her nd gave her advice so the point

diamond and jr
diamond and jr wrote:
2011-08-19 16:51:50 -0700

i have lots of eneimies

Caitlin Love xD
Caitlin Love xD wrote:
2011-08-19 14:56:09 -0700


ethan_boy wrote:
2011-08-19 10:25:57 -0700

Even if you think you are right and your friend is wrong just walk right up to your friend give here a big hug and tell her your sorry.

TQKDK wrote:
2011-08-19 09:52:39 -0700

haha i dnt no wht to cinsiter my fren she eithr a frend or a enemy

KaciBaby200 wrote:
2011-08-19 09:21:04 -0700

omg that is how me and my other friend is i hate it cuzz he will e lik ugg i hate you so we just get over it and be frienimies

_Arianna_10 wrote:
2011-08-19 05:46:27 -0700

me and mii frend be gettin mad at each other but den in a couple of dayz we bac talkin and and chillen(:

Mizz_Mon3y wrote:
2011-08-18 10:19:16 -0700

i gotz a lotta fenemies

rockyrubyblossom180 wrote:
2011-08-16 16:14:46 -0700

me and my bff fight but after 3 mins. we're over eacothers house LOL so just 4give & 4get &Wink

daniela3447 wrote:
2011-08-16 10:27:21 -0700

girl do sweat it. me and my bffs end upfighting and guess wat we all ways get back 2gether ok btw at lesat every pair of bffs get in2 a fight duh smile Wink

Holley12 wrote:
2011-08-16 07:40:30 -0700

My friends and I usually get in fights, and make up a minute later because we realize we were acting completely ridiculous.

ximscenex wrote:
2011-08-16 05:28:59 -0700

I seemed to have a lot of 'frenemies' at my old school

Mimi-chan wrote:
2011-08-16 01:33:04 -0700

It's great to talk it out and it's always good to have someone older to help you talk it out. Me and my friend had a fight and all we needed was some advice from the teacher and an old personal thing between us and now we are best friends for life. I am very glad that my mother told the teacher after weeks of me telling her not too. So even if you don't want to, talk it out. It's the best thing to do.

eva11f wrote:
2011-08-15 21:44:23 -0700

i like it

XxXxHome_grlXxXx wrote:
2011-08-15 21:35:24 -0700

This is qood advice bt yhu cnt necessarily say tht eventually thinqs will qo bak 2 normal cause it dsnt aways happen lik tht. It jus depends on how one person still feels bou another!

FuledByRain wrote:
2011-08-15 20:50:55 -0700

its ok

CookieDevil wrote:
2011-08-15 11:44:51 -0700

Cool! New Dear-Dish-Its! smile

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