Dear Dish-It: Rejected

Confused & Worried asks: “I sent you two questions but they were never answered. I feel rejected.” Back to Article

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CookieDevil wrote:
2011-08-24 05:24:56 -0700

@hsm14: You sent a message to Dear Dish-It?
If you did, Remeber that Dear Dish-It has LOADS and LOADS of messages everyday and she can't answer them all.

hsm14 wrote:
2011-08-22 11:24:27 -0700

i sent a ? 10 months a go and she never awerd

BriBri54Beauty wrote:
2011-08-18 19:18:12 -0700

yes u did

boeboe009 wrote:
2011-08-17 07:42:29 -0700

Thanx 4 thh help! (;

you-rock45 wrote:
2011-08-17 07:39:45 -0700

ooooh ps hope i helped

you-rock45 wrote:
2011-08-17 07:39:30 -0700

you go under advice and select deardish it and when you get to the page theres a purple butten in the top right hand coner thts
says writhe to dear dish it

boeboe009 wrote:
2011-08-17 07:21:55 -0700

How do you ask questions onn Dear-Dish It ?

Peace Love and Happiness Girl_1751380
Peace Love and Happiness Girl_1751380 wrote:
2011-08-17 04:32:34 -0700

That happened to me the first time i asked dish it my question was never answered but the second time i did it it was

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Dear Dish-It in the forums

reply about 1 hour
helping baby sit cleaning (dishes, yards, houses, etc) washing cars  walking dogs/caring for animals pet sitting selling baked goods and drinks that's all i can think of at the moment :P
reply about 4 hours
What summer jobs are good for 8 year olds? I'm going to get my class job. But when it's summer break. What's the best jobs to have? PS  my school is more like a second home. That's why I posted it on family issues.
reply about 4 hours
american_brit posted in Friends:
Hi Jaera!      sisihastwobunnies is right. It's perfectly fine for you to have a crush, but you're a little young for a "love life." Don't worry though! Someday, if it's meant to be (Ha ^-^) you'll find the one who's just right for you. Until then, it's great to have good guy friends -and in years to come if one of those friendships develop into something more, then props to you (:  Future advice: You have to understand that feelings aren't always mutual. You may like someone and they'll see you only as a friend -or vice versa.  THIS IS OKAY.  It may hurt, but that's just proof that you'll have to move on. Something better is ahead,  you simply haven't gotten there yet (: Having patience can be hard, but it's worth it. Good luck! -And I hoped this helped!                                    Wishing you the best,                                             american_brit ^-^
reply about 4 hours
hugebear posted in Family Issues:
I want to own a pony  You want to own a pony it was dirty and smelly  All animals has their own unique smell and its how animals smell. You was feeling ill so it could of smelt even worse I felt low in the class You was ill and its understandable that you was feeling awful I feel really nervous about going tomorrow for a proper riding day. Me suggestion is to ask the stables for the horse you would feel more comfortables riding I think it's 8 hours 15 minutes!  I knows you think there wont be breaks but there will be and probably about every hour or so.  Dont worry about this. Yay you got all jodphurs and boots and your all set. Me suggestion is go along tomorrow and relax and enjoy it.  Sure it does costs money to go there but your parents wouldnt be organising it if they hadnt got the money to pay.  If you doesnt like it after you tried it then say you dont wanna go again. It does sounds epical though and good luck for tomorrow  :angel
reply about 6 hours