Dear Dish-It: Dyslexia

bb123 asks: “I have dyslexia but no one knows. What will I do if the teacher calls on me to answer a question in class, and I don’t know the answer?” Back to Article

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emaBEST wrote:
2013-03-24 15:11:10 -0700

dislexia is not so bad , just put a Little of effort

rocksysocksy456 wrote:
2013-02-22 15:18:30 -0800

My crush has Dyslexia so I'm going to help him!

BOTDF official
BOTDF official wrote:
2013-02-22 15:02:32 -0800

Me too

kep7hk wrote:
2013-02-22 14:59:05 -0800

I have dyslexia

tamia716408 wrote:
2013-01-12 06:17:55 -0800

lol tires

tink23 wrote:
2013-01-11 21:51:57 -0800

i have it i know how you feel

kaylaloveeu_2236160 wrote:
2013-01-05 11:27:54 -0800

brittnay has it

AMBER4EVER(= wrote:
2013-01-05 11:23:25 -0800

i have it!(:

jaddy123 wrote:
2012-11-03 10:04:17 -0700

I have it two and my mom evry year calls my teacher and explain what dyslexia is and then the teacher helps me more

nickhall6 wrote:
2012-04-02 13:16:28 -0700

yeah bella thorne hillery duff don't be sad

beyonce733 wrote:
2012-03-26 18:47:34 -0700

i have it to and my teachers DON'T KNOW i guess i should tell all 4 of them

zonnique12 wrote:
2012-03-26 13:44:17 -0700

awwwww u have dyslexia i feel bad 4 u i wish i have it

mainmuffin wrote:
2012-03-26 12:31:58 -0700

Bella Thorne from Shake It Up has it.

crasychick wrote:
2012-03-26 05:52:40 -0700

i have dyslexia and its not easy kids joke on mi cuz im behind in class and mi teachers they dnt know either well only 1 but he helps me

cutepanda78 wrote:
2012-02-25 06:21:20 -0800

depending on which type she has there are many ways to over come it i have Dyslexia and i get straight a's in 5th grade even though i might be the last one finish with my work

megan love
megan love wrote:
2012-02-24 17:09:08 -0800

i have it in a way cuz i get my letters b and d mixed up alot

missbaby68 wrote:
2012-02-22 20:32:25 -0800

Just keep on learning, keep your head up and tell someoine like your teacher so she/he be like the student of mine acts like she/he acts like they don't have any sense.

missbaby68 wrote:
2012-02-22 20:27:43 -0800

Don't worry about what people say, keep your head up and don't listen to any one who picks or even say something you don;'t like just pray to god You will get over it okay.

dark_angel122 wrote:
2012-02-19 11:55:30 -0800

i wonder how it feels like to have dyslexia

12katie wrote:
2012-02-10 18:14:02 -0800

Bella Thorne has Dyslexia

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