Dear Dish-It: Dyslexia

bb123 asks: “I have dyslexia but no one knows. What will I do if the teacher calls on me to answer a question in class, and I don’t know the answer?” Back to Article

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carlycancakes wrote:
2012-01-02 19:21:07 -0800

everyone knows bella thorne has it

sierra867 wrote:
2012-01-02 18:58:36 -0800

i have it it not fun or funny

lexa996 wrote:
2012-01-02 18:50:08 -0800

aye i dnt got it but my name is alexa!!! nd my real name is alexia but i once got call a name like alexia got dyslexia

MusicIsMyThing13 wrote:
2012-01-02 18:49:27 -0800

did you know that bella thorne has dyslexia?

Araminta1_1970911 wrote:
2012-01-02 18:44:05 -0800

thanks someone that agrees with me. and i Dyslexia to

babygirl2178 wrote:
2012-01-02 18:42:06 -0800

Awww Thts sad my friend has dyslexia in soooooooo srry

kit-kat--13 wrote:
2012-01-02 18:41:31 -0800

I hate it i have it and i dislike it

-Araceli- wrote:
2012-01-02 18:40:31 -0800

I have Dyslexia i had it for ever im it doesnt botter me

Brett-Be*Kill'Em wrote:
2012-01-02 18:39:09 -0800

dyslexcia is never gone i have it and its not in sertant subjects.

Playmaker11_1941863 wrote:
2012-01-02 18:39:04 -0800

Dyslexia is something horrible to deal with and I feel bad 4 any body who has to deal wit dat

YUMadBro♥_1967461 wrote:
2012-01-02 18:35:52 -0800

I use too have dyslexia in math but i start too
learn better

KittenAdoption wrote:
2012-01-02 18:31:19 -0800

...This Post Offends Me...

Araminta1_1970911 wrote:
2012-01-02 16:37:24 -0800

you can never get rid of it. it always there. i have Dyslexia its never gone even if you think it is

I am epic
I am epic wrote:
2011-12-30 14:37:46 -0800

You aren't the only one. Many Kids have Dislexia. You can ask your Parents for advice too. (I had it once, now it's gone)

swag4sho wrote:
2011-12-28 01:13:04 -0800

just be the bigger person and think that its not there and let it go dont worry what other people will think

Alaina362 wrote:
2011-12-27 13:44:04 -0800

Dont Worry i have dislexia and i went through trainning and now im great tell your mom and shell talk to your teacher! btw Albert Einstine had Dislexia and he is sooooo smart!!!

cara_sweetness wrote:
2011-12-24 18:25:45 -0800

Big up the Dylexic and I think I have short term memory loss.. something could have happened to me and 10 sec later (literallly) I dont know what the heck happend... I remember very small detail. but only wiht certain things... I dont know whats wrong with me...

-koolkhal- wrote:
2011-12-22 19:53:50 -0800

all u need to do is have a time alone with the teacher and tell her u have dyslexia and ask her if u can have a private tutor come in and help u with ur promblem

hopethe1st wrote:
2011-12-21 21:43:42 -0800

I might have it but there testing me for it anyway.... See I'm always the right level for my grade but sometimes I jumble up words and they put me in like a special reading class and now I read kinda good but I think I have brain damage at the same time I have Dyslexia So If I do and I pray I don't but you know things happen and they do happen for a reason Frustrated But if I do I hope to be able to fight it until the very end of my life nothing will stop me living life.... But all I got to say is FIGHT

cright2 wrote:
2011-12-21 19:10:00 -0800

Bella Thorne has Dyslexia and looked what she turned out to be all you need to do is a little hard work. Wink

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