Dear Dish-It: Dyslexia

bb123 asks: “I have dyslexia but no one knows. What will I do if the teacher calls on me to answer a question in class, and I don’t know the answer?” Back to Article

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-Katiee- wrote:
2011-09-07 17:37:47 -0700

Epiphany; she's still the cutest thing ever. nothing's wrong with her. her dyslexia is not even bad, as some other kids are. i have a picture of her on here. she's just a regular eight year old. it's like, nothing's really wrong with her. she's popular and everything, you know what i mean?(:

2011-09-07 17:34:33 -0700

so what if you don't know the awnser ask for help!(:

CheeseTacoxD wrote:
2011-09-07 17:34:23 -0700

Katie; Awh, that must suck but I know how she feels.

-Katiee- wrote:
2011-09-07 17:32:21 -0700

Epiphany; Yeah, she's 8.

CheeseTacoxD wrote:
2011-09-07 17:30:50 -0700

Really Katie??

-Katiee- wrote:
2011-09-07 17:26:19 -0700

My little sister has dyselxia.

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GirLovesPiggy wrote:
2011-09-07 16:52:38 -0700

I have this one! xD

hsm14 wrote:
2011-09-07 16:50:16 -0700

well usally ardy know becous the school knows it requid that they know

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Which Of These Movie Stars Had Dyslexia?

  • Hilary Duff.
  • Orlando Bloom.
  • Tobey Maguire.
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