Amazing Kid Artists

Once every 500 years or so, a really special artist is born. Someone like Leonardo De Vinci or Michelangelo comes along and changes the way we do art, whether its painting, drawing or sculpting. Back to Article

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z*swagga*00 wrote:
2012-07-14 20:51:13 -0700

i love art and i've never thought about or seen art like i just saw it that was amazing that makes me totally rethink every single work of art i've ever done i mean it was like i either did it to impress someone or cause i was just bored sometimes maybe even for my own pleasure sometimes

z*swagga*00 wrote:
2012-07-14 20:51:12 -0700

i love art and i've never thought about or seen art like i just saw it that was amazing that makes me totally rethink every single work of art i've ever done i mean it was like i either did it to impress someone or cause i was just bored sometimes maybe even for my own pleasure sometimes

mindlessjj143 wrote:
2012-07-14 15:57:56 -0700


Rocky2245 wrote:
2012-07-14 15:53:37 -0700

That little girl is amazing!

servine226 wrote:
2012-07-14 15:49:46 -0700

Ive got three pads full of drawings! Im most proud of my devastator!

designer_me555 wrote:
2012-07-14 15:43:07 -0700

Im really good at anime drawing.I want to upload my drawing but I cant.

devyn786 wrote:
2012-07-14 11:39:48 -0700

I love art and to draw but what you need is good pencils and look at other art, singers, or even animated TV shows!

ke$ha wannabe
ke$ha wannabe wrote:
2012-07-14 07:53:30 -0700

you can add me and look at my drawings i have posted 2 so far but i think they are pretty good.
ill be posting more!

-Skrillex wrote:
2012-07-14 07:52:31 -0700

Everyone is bugging me to do GCSE Art next year...

4shishi wrote:
2012-07-14 07:47:19 -0700

I love to draw! and paint, and sculpt, and color, so on! My friend say I'm really good! I've never taken any art classes though. Frown

cookiethecat wrote:
2012-07-14 07:46:24 -0700

im 11 started to draw when i was like 5

EmzyLou wrote:
2012-07-14 07:45:46 -0700

Art helps me express the feelings i am unable to share with my parents and friends...

musicXisXmyXlife wrote:
2012-07-14 07:44:31 -0700

I've always loved drawing, but i only REALLY got into it once i took a semister of Art in school. I got a 100 on my final, and everyone says i'm good smile Next school year, i'm taking a full year of Studio Art! Big Grin

-Skrillex wrote:
2012-07-14 07:36:15 -0700

I've been drawing for years! I've been getting very high grades, and my teacher is very proud.

EmzyLou wrote:
2012-07-14 07:35:25 -0700

I'm 12 and I geuss I'm ok at drawing I mean i got a 6a in my last marked work for school (grade c/b in GCSEs, not sure what a 6a would be in America) ill post a pic if you don't belive me

SerenadeKiwi wrote:
2012-07-14 07:27:12 -0700

I'm 12 and I began drawing when I started daycare. I wouldn't go to sleep! So, when I did, they rewarded me by waking me up and letting me draw. When I hit 11 is when I really started! I can draw awesomely now, and everyone that I knew would ask me if they could have one of my drawings!

cookiethecat wrote:
2012-07-14 07:11:01 -0700

post it then the wole world can see it

ireland wrote:
2012-06-09 19:53:48 -0700

well i am 11 years old and i love drawing but i am afraid to show it to others! i think these kids are really talented and brave enogh to show and sell their art work. i wish i can sell and show my artwork.did i mention i love art? well,good bye!

aokpartyanimal wrote:
2012-06-04 11:58:49 -0700

i luv drawing manga comics and strips plus Mark Crilley from youtube is awesome at drawing 2. I have this little fan club sort of thing at skool cause everyone crowds round to watch me draw and they all think I'm great

somindless=prodigy143 wrote:
2012-05-22 18:42:33 -0700

I kind of luv to draw graphics

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