October 2011 Horoscopes

Happy Halloween! October's finally here ... find out how spooky your horoscope for this month really is right here on Kidzworld! (Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIBRA!) Back to Article

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iwoveyou wrote:
2011-10-02 12:19:04 -0700


Kensley (:
Kensley (: wrote:
2011-10-02 12:18:21 -0700


BorderColliegirl10 wrote:
2011-10-02 12:17:12 -0700

I'm Scorpio. For some reason they said I am going to be feeling down this month. ):

mamagirl289 wrote:
2011-10-02 09:07:20 -0700

im a staggitaris

Jayfeather1999 wrote:
2011-10-02 08:47:55 -0700

oh wow i've been doin mine for along time with out even noticing

blackdragondude350 wrote:
2011-10-02 08:40:25 -0700

I'm a horoscpoe's wrong. I have no friends...

musicfunlover1 wrote:
2011-10-02 06:26:44 -0700

...wut. sigh... D: i dont like mine this month [im a Cancer]. because i dont like drama and i dont know how my crush feels about me

CookieDevil wrote:
2011-10-02 03:29:34 -0700

Woop! Was waiting for this. smile

jessbabe73 wrote:
2011-10-02 01:47:58 -0700

my horoscope is wrong i am not the jel type

Funnyman246 wrote:
2011-10-02 00:27:35 -0700

I'm a Scorpio and I'd say this thing makes no sense.

nurudin wrote:
2011-10-02 00:02:38 -0700

Hey am nurudin your penpal from Uganda, am sorry for not commenting you or sending u something. I was busy with school. lol but I will be on internet on every Sunday. And in evening, so u can ask me what ever u want. am 14 .love u friend . Raspberry

shiney wrote:
2011-10-01 21:22:42 -0700

ohh again,nt a gud 1, Scorpions...

ParadiseHeart wrote:
2011-10-01 19:59:26 -0700

love this libras rooooock!

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Worst Event Your Stars Predicted?

  • My cat dying.
  • My 'rents getting divorced.
  • My BF/GF breaking up with me.
  • My horoscope has never predicted anything bad.

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Dear Dish-It in the forums

Jelly3 posted in Style:
I don't care much for either, but I chose Maybelline because of better quality. 
reply about 17 hours
GottaLoveDance posted in Friends:
"sugarpetals" wrote: "-_-NowYouSeeMeD" wrote: I know a lot of u BELIBERS out there might not like this post..but..still...I'm gonna continue!!!!  JUSTIN BIBER is REALLY TALENTED....I KNOW...I DON'T DENIE THAT AT ALL...but personally as a person I HATE HIM!!  I mean he's horrible....he doesn't care about anyone's feelings he clearly proved that by breaking SELENA'S heart in to a thousand pieces & by almost being kicked out of a country!!!:c (not just any..USA).He also did many other kinds of things which are...heheheh....heheh....better off not mentioning!!!:D  I know I'll never be able to reach where he did at the age of 13 but if fame leads to this...then...I rather stay invisible!!!:3   I KNOW HATE IS A STRONG WORD BUT IT CAN'T BE HELPED WHEN IT COMES TO BIBER :'c CAN ANYONE GIVE ME SOME  GOOD REASONS FOR WHICH BIEBER SHOULDN'T BE HATED?!?!:( AT LEAST ...MAYBE THEN I WILL BE ABLE TO AGREE WITH MY FRIEND!!!!:c I really don't wanna change her love for Biber or anything....I just wanna see...even if for once....those things that she and all of u Justin Biber fans  see in him!!!:)   i am not a belieber but this is no way to talk about Justin. maybe he has his flaws but it is not for us to judge. u want reasons why people like him right then here are they: 1.he can sing 2.they like his music 3.he is cute if u hate him then its your problem.......u don't need to like him just don't hate him because he is human, would u like someone to hate you because of the way you live and choose to be? yes i agree he did allot of horrible things, but what right do you have to hate him? and as far as your friend is concerned....u shouldn't feel bad because she sees something you don't see in him and that has nothing to do with you. I agree with sugarpetals I'm sorry to say but she is right.
reply about 22 hours
My 2 older brothers & I live with my Mom, Step-Dad, & "their kids". They get out of doing chores, coming home at curfew, and can all but do anything & get away with all of it!!!!!! :e My Mom doesn't like it much but won't do anything about it. HELP!!!!!!!  :bigfrown
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daredog posted in Family Issues:
Thanks for the support!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
reply 1 day
daredog posted in Family Issues:
Thanks! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D it's good to know you don't mind! I think I might have lost a friend though... I asked Peter444 and he said he doesn't support gays... I hope he knew what I meant..... :) anyway thanks for the support! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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