Top 5 Halloween Urban Legends

If you're going to a halloween party, you might want to take the stage and tell a scary Halloween Urban Legend. Just in case you don't know what an Urban Legend is... imagine a story about a woman who had a hairdo so big, spiders began to live in her hair. Back to Article

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DragonH3art wrote:
2013-11-01 07:27:04 -0700


ruebear13 wrote:
2013-10-31 09:50:08 -0700

I love scarry movies

GoofyTyra wrote:
2013-10-31 08:56:40 -0700

whoa awesome!

directioner_4lyfe wrote:
2013-10-30 16:52:31 -0700

i love scar stories

directioner_4lyfe wrote:
2013-10-30 16:52:16 -0700

scary stories

directioner_4lyfe wrote:
2013-10-30 16:52:03 -0700

yayyyyy stories

XxCryXx wrote:
2013-10-30 16:09:29 -0700

I love all of these legends!

21inkiepielover wrote:
2013-10-30 16:07:39 -0700

I heard about Chucky from Jade.My friend.

RoseMusic wrote:
2013-10-30 16:05:36 -0700

i heard about Bloody mary (been told by friends)
kids been disappearing spooky even my friend told me she did it and it did nothing Bloody Mary didnt come up (DONT ASK ME IF I DID IT! I DONT OKAY!)

Smiles909 wrote:
2013-10-30 15:41:25 -0700

But I'm agreeing with Me Is Happy, you forgot Slender

Smiles909 wrote:
2013-10-30 15:40:53 -0700

It's cool

1dramaqueen wrote:
2013-10-30 11:21:16 -0700

Love scary movies

Me Is Happy
Me Is Happy wrote:
2013-10-29 16:47:18 -0700

Slenderman is a really famous urban legend in Dillingham.

WizardGirl3311 wrote:
2013-10-29 15:46:35 -0700

I don't believe this. Im not lying. Indifferent

Neron wrote:
2013-10-29 12:55:29 -0700

It's actually quite funny. Most people say they don't believe in these but react quite differently when they're actually facing the situation. The scariest urban legend up there to me is the Haunted Doll.

whitewolf921 wrote:
2013-10-29 08:37:03 -0700

but next time a have a sleepover im gonna do the bloody mary thing with my friends but not one of them cos she is really scared easily but i know that definetly one of my friends will do it

whitewolf921 wrote:
2013-10-29 08:35:59 -0700

i really do get scared by chucky because my auntie told me part of the film argh

BellaBoo17 wrote:
2013-10-28 14:46:12 -0700

I don't really get what's scary about the picture is there something I'm not seeing???

BabyWinter12 wrote:
2013-10-28 11:43:19 -0700

bloody mary was the scariest for me o.o

brunostar wrote:
2013-10-28 09:09:28 -0700


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