Top 5 Halloween Urban Legends

If you're going to a halloween party, you might want to take the stage and tell a scary Halloween Urban Legend. Just in case you don't know what an Urban Legend is... imagine a story about a woman who had a hairdo so big, spiders began to live in her hair. Back to Article

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bluebunnybat wrote:
2011-10-29 15:38:01 -0700

You believe wich spooky story? All you said was "I believe"! LOL..

calliepanda.awesomeness wrote:
2011-10-29 15:33:34 -0700

At least the picture here isn't haunted.... O_0

calliepanda.awesomeness wrote:
2011-10-29 15:30:21 -0700

In the 13th floor one, they had a typo that was quite noticable. "Because" was spelled "Becaus"

-Your.Melody.Is.Sweet.To.Me wrote:
2011-10-29 14:23:48 -0700

I tried the Bloody mary and I threw up. :3

coritz wrote:
2011-10-29 14:09:47 -0700

i like the urban legend with the girl who fell aseep on halloween night
she had a guard dog to protect her
she heard noises and got scared but after her dog left all she heard was water drips
when she woke up
her dog was skinned and hanging from the
shower curtain with the message
"your next" smile

helloagain11 wrote:
2011-10-29 14:07:16 -0700

That painting IS scary...

Jackie_2222 wrote:
2011-10-29 13:58:00 -0700

i actually gotten a japanese bloody marry result on a quiz, it kinda wierd, and i've never tried it before, i might try it on halloween........

xXxkittykatxXx_1664665 wrote:
2011-10-29 13:35:16 -0700

I did the bloody Mary one when I was younger, and nothing happened. But there's another side to bloody Mary, because I read somewhere that is walk up a flet of stairs backwards with a candle and a handheld mirror and chant her name saw you walk up the stairs,you'llbe able to see your future spouses face, but if you see the grime reapers face that means you'll die before your married.... I'm too scared to do that hahah

spidergurl9 wrote:
2011-10-29 13:29:02 -0700

the bloody mary one is fake 'cause my big bro did it once and nothing happened

Erika_Mae:) wrote:
2011-10-29 12:38:47 -0700

Bloody Marrryyy Cause I Did That Thing Before and i heard a screammm!

Avril_Lavigne_Emo_1852098 wrote:
2011-10-29 12:19:28 -0700

I believe in the 13th floor one becuz my building dont got a 13 floor either..spookky

Kuh-uteChickRock1017 wrote:
2011-10-29 12:13:52 -0700

I love scary stuff! I was reading this and wondered why it was so cold in my room all of the sudden! Embarrassed

Yuki15_1859091 wrote:
2011-10-29 11:35:26 -0700

#2 one is scarier than ALL OF THEM!!!
It gave me chill bumps -shiver-

Cole90210 wrote:
2011-10-29 11:10:08 -0700

I Think bloddy mary is kinda real cuz i kept saying it The next day i had BAD LUCK xD !

pookiegirl123 wrote:
2011-10-29 10:14:42 -0700

scary!!! Devil

Jayfeather1999 wrote:
2011-10-29 10:13:36 -0700

"Bloody mary" was actualy a real person. She was the daughter of a king in england who wanted a boy to inherit the throne.She was known as bloody mary because she burned 300 people trying to arrest protestants.... Don't believe me look in a history book.

0212awsome wrote:
2011-10-29 09:32:33 -0700

my friend did that and never came back

Crash_OverRide_ZeroCool_078 wrote:
2011-10-29 09:23:08 -0700

i believe the 13 becuz I WAS BORN IN FRIDAY THE 13TH

Song lover
Song lover wrote:
2011-10-29 09:01:14 -0700

the girl in the pic looks like a demon

qdee wrote:
2011-10-29 08:14:44 -0700

when i finished the vid i stared at the computer for a while it was a weird lookin doll

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