School Bullying

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{TheWhiteBarbie} wrote:
2012-07-18 19:10:58 -0700

I dont care all i got to say is BEAT THEM UP haha

Swagg2high_shayla wrote:
2012-07-15 13:09:01 -0700

I˙ve NEVERben bullied!

Smirk14 wrote:
2012-07-15 10:31:51 -0700

I tend to get bullied alot, it's not fun. D:

marissalove8 wrote:
2012-07-14 17:54:50 -0700

your lucky you got bullied up in till secound Ive been bullied since preschool all the way till now and still getting bullied and im bout to go to 6th gradeSad

unidiane wrote:
2012-07-14 14:11:16 -0700

iv'e been bullied when i was in kidergarden first and second grade

Younglyricfan wrote:
2012-07-14 13:48:22 -0700

I nver got bullied but i feel bad 4 other ppl tht hve

jaythesouleater wrote:
2012-07-14 13:34:54 -0700

yeah uh huh so ya know what i was bullied all my life just because my family gets involved doesnt stop it

somindless=prodigy143 wrote:
2012-07-14 13:09:04 -0700

anit no body not fin bully mee cuz we it happen im knock him the he** out

ToyToy@MRSright wrote:
2012-07-14 13:06:27 -0700

I got bullied for standing out but look at me now!

diggy'sgirl10 wrote:
2012-07-14 13:04:15 -0700

awww foreal i use tobget bullied all the time i fell i just wanted to kill my self

Jasyanna(Royalty) wrote:
2012-07-14 13:02:06 -0700

I used to get bullied in school for being the only black girl

Ob3y_swagolicious wrote:
2012-07-14 13:01:33 -0700

Stop bullying it dosen't make you look cool you just look retarded and jealous!!!

SupremeDreamer wrote:
2012-07-14 12:53:06 -0700

I've have been cyber bullied in the past.

SupremeDreamer wrote:
2012-07-14 12:52:53 -0700

I've been cyberbullied in the past.

beth loves you all xxx
beth loves you all xxx wrote:
2012-07-14 12:14:36 -0700

i got excluded from school for sticking up for myself.

Cali_KiddSooFresh wrote:
2012-07-14 12:11:56 -0700

i know someone that had bullied my gf before and she wouldnt tell me cuz i knew something was wrong with her cuz everytime i go over her house after school she wouldnt talk much until that one day i seen that someone who had been bullying her for ion know how long and i beattt hey azz up too bet they want do it no more

XxXAyooShawtyXxX wrote:
2012-07-14 11:48:29 -0700

The school iM about to go school doesn't bully at all . They just like to start WAR .

iampikachuu_2194267 wrote:
2012-07-14 11:46:59 -0700

For the past few years in high school, I've been bullied all the time, because of what I am. That's so sad

EStottlemyer wrote:
2012-06-27 18:02:06 -0700

It is really sad when you see some one getting bullied! All you have to do is stand up for whoever is being bullied. I have experienced that. I am happy that I have a friend who stood up to that person!

Amyisthebestever wrote:
2012-06-27 17:59:51 -0700

ok thennn

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  • I've been bullied in the past.
  • No, I've never been bullied.
  • No... but I've bullied other people before.

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InternetOwl posted in Friends:
I'm not sure whether you have actual depression or not (Ask your doctor if you feel you do, they'll be able to help. ^^), but I'm really sorry you feel depressed. I've been there too, and it really does feel like no one cares.   I know you said it's awkward, but try talking to your dad about it. You said he's the only one who seems to listen, so I'm sure he will listen and try to understand. If you start feeling really depressed every day, try doing things to make you feel happier. I don't know what you like to do, but you should do things like relaxing, reading, talking to people and spending more time outside. Smiling more often can help relieve stress and make you happier as well. c: Try meeting new people too. It seems as though your current friends are bringing you down, so you can try to talk to them if you like or find more friends who'll listen and care about you (however, try to keep your old friends as well. They are your friends after all, and it's hard being lonely). You've got friends on here too. But please don't think about doing anything harmful to yourself. You might not be thinking like that now, but being depressed can lead people to this and it's really not the answer.  Good luck! ^u^  
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FloraTheWolf posted in Friends:
And you can add me as a friend if you want :D
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FloraTheWolf posted in Friends:
I know what its like to feel depressed. And its hard to get out of it. Try thinking of good things, and if you are feeling lonely and have no friends around then you can talk to me if you want :3 When you start feeling depressed, try doing things you like, going out to a park or somewhere to be alone and just relax. Maybe go on walks once in a while. And even if people don't seem to care about you, I do :) So if you start feeling worse you can chat with me. Try not to think of dangerous things like suicide or cutting yourself or even running away though because it may sometimes seem like it could be the answer but it really isn't it'll make your life worse and more messed up. I hope you feel better soon! :D
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twyla215 posted in Family Issues:
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