Bullying Prevention Tips

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aroub wrote:
2012-12-22 04:08:04 -0800

But u know bullys are bullys cuz once they were bullied or are being tortured or something like depression......

coolnam wrote:
2012-12-22 04:07:32 -0800

cyber bullying should be STOPPED!!

Never-Shout-Alexa! wrote:
2012-12-22 04:04:40 -0800

I feel very sorry for bullys Frown

catty4u83 wrote:
2012-10-21 14:25:38 -0700

they should report to a teacher a fast as they can becaus4e bulleing should be stoped

superduperlicious wrote:
2012-09-05 08:24:47 -0700

Dude what the hell is wrong with u???? Frustrated

superduperlicious wrote:
2012-09-05 08:20:08 -0700

Just ignore the bully and always be with a pack of friends ,that way the bully will not dare to stand up to you

pretty_in_pink11 wrote:
2012-06-25 19:58:48 -0700

Always report it to an adult that will listen to you,and always try to ignore it!!!

icebaby love1
icebaby love1 wrote:
2012-06-11 11:55:05 -0700

there is all ways bullying in school everyday people get bully Disappointed

rachaelrenee13 wrote:
2012-06-06 10:06:03 -0700

noo it is not why would you say that

i=eminem wrote:
2012-06-05 00:49:11 -0700

no not really ...........

CuriousJake wrote:
2012-06-05 00:39:09 -0700

Bullying is funny.

animeangel3 wrote:
2012-05-10 13:20:06 -0700

I've been bullied 1 time. There was this kid that hurt my feelings bad, and I started crying a bit. This was in like, 2nd grade

seriousness_2090514 wrote:
2012-04-16 18:25:08 -0700

i had a bully when i was 9 until i was 11, i handled it...., it was the last straw when he picked on my
friend, i was tossing him around like a rag doll. i
didn't kill him i just had beaten him within the extent of his life, ever since i haven't had any bullies

lady goo goo
lady goo goo wrote:
2012-04-05 08:54:08 -0700

i have be bullying and it is not good Frown Frown

Bleach90 wrote:
2012-04-01 22:29:21 -0700

ive been bullied before and i hated it 1 day i came home with a black eye a bleeding lip and a couple bruises

Kj1214 wrote:
2012-03-11 14:42:29 -0700

Rachels Challenge is all about NO BULLYING

cowboys-football wrote:
2012-03-10 09:50:53 -0800

me too Frown

cowboys-football wrote:
2012-03-10 09:50:04 -0800

i have been bullied before i am such a tomboy and i usually don't care but one day it got so bad for me and my best friend, he's a guy, these really mean girls kept saying we were dating and we are married and it was mean and i just cried because all the girls just looked at me and whispered about me in the locker room it was horrible and my best friend, again the same person and he's a guy, was crying in lunch one day too. I told my teacher and she put a stop to and i am so glad she stopped it

singasong98 wrote:
2012-03-09 16:53:28 -0800

why.....why do there have to be people that want you to feel miserabe. Somedays I dont even want to go to school because the day before is sooooo bad. I quit basketball a sport I loved, because I was getting bullied. My advise is to tell a teacher that you feel comfortable talking to. I did and now I know that I can talk to her about anything, I dont have to keep it inside.

mrcool88777 wrote:
2012-03-03 13:03:30 -0800

Call the police????? Wow...

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