Bullying Prevention Tips

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singasong98 wrote:
2012-03-09 16:53:28 -0800

why.....why do there have to be people that want you to feel miserabe. Somedays I dont even want to go to school because the day before is sooooo bad. I quit basketball a sport I loved, because I was getting bullied. My advise is to tell a teacher that you feel comfortable talking to. I did and now I know that I can talk to her about anything, I dont have to keep it inside.

mrcool88777 wrote:
2012-03-03 13:03:30 -0800

Call the police????? Wow...

gabster01 wrote:
2012-03-02 20:35:37 -0800

I hate bullies because they really know how to make people angry and they really know how to make people leave for the school year.

moca1234 wrote:
2012-02-18 07:54:30 -0800

i don like kids bing booled do you like kids bing booled.i hat booles.dont you hat booles to.

umbreon2000 wrote:
2012-02-11 09:46:05 -0800


happyjoy91 wrote:
2012-01-23 15:58:55 -0800

I agree its just that if someones getting bullied on facebook they have the ability to block that contact she never mentioned that

PrettyGurlSwaggn wrote:
2012-01-07 22:34:47 -0800

dont worry ur pretty and i am sure the bully is way uglier than u stick up for yourself and ignore them Blush

sunshinerainy wrote:
2012-01-01 11:06:44 -0800

Aww sorry I'm nosy but why?

celita10 wrote:
2012-01-01 10:52:03 -0800

DanceStarMaliyah:awwwww sorry

DanceStarMaliyah wrote:
2012-01-01 10:47:24 -0800

I get bullied everyday.. at school

Lauren :D_1984700
Lauren :D_1984700 wrote:
2012-01-01 10:20:15 -0800

No Comment...

Swagger Girl123
Swagger Girl123 wrote:
2012-01-01 10:18:29 -0800

wow very sad

Striker24 wrote:
2012-01-01 10:13:14 -0800

...No comment.

koala G
koala G wrote:
2011-12-24 20:56:33 -0800

smh smh smh..i kick there azz buttt everybody aint me, but tel some1 if u get bullied are f**k there momma then you get even reall gud

cooldon1 wrote:
2011-12-07 12:09:39 -0800

is your right and no one should take that away from you by saying things about you to there friends. Frown

Serena_2211 wrote:
2011-12-01 16:34:40 -0800

There's this one girl at school who always hits me and she got in trouble because I told the principal Frustrated

divagirlrocks123 wrote:
2011-11-28 08:11:54 -0800

everyone should tell there perents if they get bullied

sparklecake0 wrote:
2011-11-20 18:08:55 -0800

Just because your jelous dosen't mean you can bully

hamster2002 wrote:
2011-11-18 14:25:07 -0800

people shouldn't bully! it's really wrong and\dangerous

yolani1050 wrote:
2011-11-13 08:31:13 -0800

people are super mean

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Dear Dish-It in the forums

Awesomeme234 posted in Style:
I think you should be you wether or not your tomboy or girlie your being you. You have your own style and don't let nobody change that because THEY don't like it it only matters if YOU like it
reply about 9 hours
MissD posted in Style:
This is such an interesting question.. I'll tell you why I think so. I am BOTH the biggest tomboy ever and the girliest girl. I think being either or BOTH is more in YOUR mind than in anything else - it's an internal feeling. Femininity is so personal. I always, always, always have my nails done. BUT they are Gel so they never chip and when I am climbing up mountains or pulling on my wetsuit to things that I find typically damaging to your nails - they stay perfect. So I am doing these rather "tomboyish" activities but my nails are awesome :P I wear a lot of dresses but that doesn't deter me from any activity, the key is shorts underneath. I don't wear make up, not usually but I do love lip gloss. One think I guess I think is important though, feel it. Remind yourself how awesome and unique you are, no matter what you wear - hold your head high and remind yourself you are a QUEEN. Not a princess, lame. BUT a queen! Good Luck, and I love all the practical tips everyone provided. Great job you guys! 
reply about 9 hours
Moxie_Girls posted in Style:
Is it a movie?
reply about 10 hours
blakbutterfly posted in Style:
I'll say some stuff that 'girly-girls' do, and the stuff in the brackets would be things added by my best friend. Who is also very annoyingly sarcastic! -.- Paint your toes (get obsessed to them too, all of these girls are!), wear cute little dresses (don't mean huge ballgown style dresses, duh?) , or just fun-cute tops with jeans, maintain your nails (perfectly), take a lot of care about your skin, maintain it, cleanse, moisturize and exfoliate, and start doing make up. (Also, I would suggest to learn how to do a good hair flip, for some reason girly girls are like 'ERMAIGAWD' *flip hair*) Yes, my best friend is annoying but she's girly enough to be able to have a say in here. Here's a bit of advice from me, don't try to change your style because of what people might think or say, do it if you want to and if you feel comfortable with it. You are more than perfect the way you are, whether a tomboy or a girly-girl and it doesn't really matter what you are.
reply about 11 hours
Kirsteeeeen posted in Style:
Personally I think you should just find things you like and wear them without worrying about what style it fits in to. You should express yourself, not conform to other people's views/standards. :)
reply about 11 hours