Animal Olympic Athletes

Jamaica’s Usain Bolt might be the fastest man in the world, but he’s not the fastest animal. There are so many animals that could be awesome athletes. It’s too bad we can’t get them into the Olympics. But wait a minute! Kidzworld has figured out who the gold medal winners are for the first ever Animal Olympics. Back to Article

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PixieTulip! wrote:
2012-10-25 08:10:23 -0700


Werock3 wrote:
2012-08-31 18:15:20 -0700

that was cool
even tho i cant skateboard

amg91202 wrote:
2012-08-16 07:32:37 -0700

well that was interesting i never knew animals would do that

puffpuff64786 wrote:
2012-07-03 22:40:36 -0700

Yeah that beetle with the the waght wasn't real!

lovemusicsoccerpeace18 wrote:
2012-04-28 19:05:07 -0700

i like it but you know this is just a bunch of bs....they are probably pro photagraphers and just got aa lucky shot. sooo i like it and think its adorable and cute but its pretty much A BUNCH OF BS!!!!!!

worldqweencc wrote:
2012-02-19 10:55:56 -0800

sissy fight!

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Should Animals Be Used In Sports? Vote!

  • Yes. They've been involved in sports for years and don't seem to mind it.
  • No way. It's cruel and unnecessary.
  • I think it's okay, as long as the animals are treated well.

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Sana11 posted in Cheerleading:
I 'm honestly not very sure but I do think its an activity just like music classes, drama etc.
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Team Audi #46
I don't know what is wrong with these teams. Former Colt's Head Coach, Tony Dungy, said that he wouldn't wan Sam because of the attention he was bringing. I just don't get it. I heard that his stats were amazing. A player should not be cut because of their orientation but because of their attitude or extremely poor skill. Why can't they just let him do what he loves to do, play football on a team that wants him.
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