Dear Dish-It: My Friend Ignores Me for the Computer

tired of being bored asks: “Whenever I go to my friend’s house she just ignores me for the computer. She has a trampoline … I want to use it! I don’t want to watch her play Sims 3 all day. What should I do?” Back to Article

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cutiepie344 wrote:
2011-12-19 07:30:42 -0800

BREAK HIS/HER LAPTOP!!!!!!!! lol that would just make him hate you!!! Frustrated

babyghurl wrote:
2011-12-18 14:00:02 -0800


homestuckfan wrote:
2011-12-18 08:54:21 -0800

ikr it like i want to use the trampoline cause i have the same issue as the person who asked it because this girl has a trampoline it like lets stop being on the computer and get exerise

b.i.g small
b.i.g small wrote:
2011-12-18 08:38:09 -0800

he should move away and stop letting her on laptop

cupidluva12 wrote:
2011-12-18 08:34:13 -0800

My friend does this when im hanging out wit her!! uhhh i hate it Tongue Out

Mike G
Mike G wrote:
2011-12-18 08:31:26 -0800

if your friend ignores you maybe it shouldnt be a 34 year old man in a white empty room on kw

Hannah The Awesome
Hannah The Awesome wrote:
2011-12-16 14:25:25 -0800

I agree with her? How is that funny??

mayfirestar25 wrote:
2011-12-15 22:07:37 -0800

My friend does this when we're on the phone T_T

✰AbbieNinjaBabiee™ wrote:
2011-12-15 16:02:45 -0800

How is that funny?

brownkarenM wrote:
2011-12-15 12:43:18 -0800


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